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Timothy Mather Allyn
Timothy Allyn
American, 1800 - 1882
Biography: Timothy Mather Allyn was born in Windsor, Connecticut on 7 September 1800. The son of John and Abigail Mather Allyn, he married Susan Pratt (9 October 1803 - October 1888). As a youth, he was a farmer, a brick kiln operator and a merchant in New York City. When he returned to Hartford he established a store on Asylum Street. He retired in 1849 and engaged in real estate. In 1860 he built the Ally, Allyn Hall, Charter Oak Bank as well as other business structures. He was also a member of the General Assembly in 1843 alderman and member of the Hartford Water Commission. Timothy Mather Allyn died on 25 August 1882.