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Henry E. Allen
Israel Allen
Henry Allen
American, 1830 - 1869
Biography: Herny E. Allen (also known as Israel Henry Allen) was born on 24 April 1830 son of Israel Henry Allen (1803-1868) and Paulina Cowles (1802-1874). He married Frances Underwood (d.11/17/1871), daughter of John Underwood of Monson, Massachusetts. They had one son, Henry Judson Allen born 1/23/1867. One daughter, Edith G., born 3/23/1869 died on 4/4/1869 at the age of 12 days. He served as a musician during the Civil War with Company L, First Regimen of Connecticut Volunteers, Heavy Artillery. He enlisted on 7 January 1862, and was mustered in on 5 February 1862. He re-enlisted on 9 February 1864, and was mustered out on 25 September 1865. He died 10 September 1869.