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Related for Bread-and-butter Plates
Sorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Gift of the Zeruk, Zahorodni, & Farrell families, 2011.375.0  © 2014 The Connecticut Historical Society. Animated Store Display, G. Fox & Co.probably 1970sG. Fox and Co.2011.375.0
Appointment Book G. Fox and Co.2007.24.17
Bottle1900-1960G. Fox and Co.2005.158.5a,b
Bottle1880-1950G. Fox and Co.2007.24.43
Gift of Paul Accarpio, 2005.158.2  © 2009 The Connecticut Historical Society. Bowl1969G. Fox and Co.2005.158.2
Box1960-1975G. Fox and Co.1995.30.55a,b
Box for Infant's Shoes1963-1964Christopher Robert Arno2002.61.14.2a,b
Box for Infant's Shoes, with Insert1963-1964Christopher Robert Arno2002.61.13.2a-c
2005.158.13,ab, 2005. 158.14a,b, and 2005.158.15a,b Boxes1940-1990G. Fox and Co.2005.158.12-.15
2007.24.64a,b Boxes1870-1950G. Fox and Co.2007.24.62a,b-.68a,b