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North Carolina / South Carolina
Printer:Printed by Mather, Case, Tiffany & Burnham , American, active 1841
Lithography; black printer's ink and watercolor on paper, lined with linen
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 23 1/8 x 27 3/8in. (58.7 x 69.5cm) Sheet (height x width): 24 3/4 x 28 7/8in. (62.9 x 73.3cm) Mount (height x width): 25 1/8 x 29 1/4in. (63.8 x 74.3cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: Schoolchildren using this map to learn geography during the 1840s would been expected to identify the principle cities and geographical features of each state and to answer questions like the following: "What are the staple commodities raised in this state?" "What attention is paid to education?" "Are there any persons who can neither read or write?" None of the questions directly addressed the question of slavery, though it must have arisen during classroom discussions. Twenty years later, during the Civil War, some of these same schoolchildren would have fought and died in the Carolinas.
Description: Map of North and South Carolina. The boundary lines are marked with broken solid lines and pink watercolor. There are several solid black lines that have been colored red or green. None of the places on the map are labeled; instead, there are numbers and letters, some marked with circles, that correspond with information in the key, published separately from the map. Natural features include elevation, conveyed with hachure marks, islands and rivers.
Cartographic Note: No scale
Inscription: Recto, bottom right, printed in black ink: "No. 11. / Mitchell's Series / OF OUTLINE MAPS FOR / THE USE OF / ACADEMIES and SCHOOLS / Published by MATHER, CASE, TIFFANY & BURNHAM. Hartford." Bottom left, printed in black ink: "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1841 by S. Augustus Mitchell in the Clerk's office of the district court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania."
Object Number: 2012.312.222.9
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