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Short Gown
about 1790-1800
Clothing Maker:Made by Unknown
Hand-stitched domestically-woven linen
Primary Dimensions (length): 20 1/2in. (52.1cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Cynthia Baldwin-Thanos
Description: Short gown, made of linen that is plain-woven with narrow blue and white warp stripes and blue weft. The short gown is cut in one piece, folded at the shoulderline and stitched up the sides. It is cut with a flare over the hips and a wide box pleat (1 1/2 inches at the neck edge, widening to 4 inches in the center of the back) is stitched down the center back to the fashionable waist height and then released to create more fullness. The fabric on the front panels is pieced to create the width for the hip flares. The waistline is relatively high--about 5 1/2 inches from sleeve to beginning of the hip flare. The sleeves are long and narrow; both are pieced to achieve desired length. The front is unfitted and would possibly have pinned closed or been held in place by the apron and kerchief. The neckline is a low rounded square. The width of the linen from which this short gown is constructed is about 33 inches; it is probably home-woven. The family from whom this short gown originated originally settled in New Haven, Connecticut.
Object Number: 1988.7.1
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