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Sheet Number 2. Region of New Haven, Connecticut
Maker:Made by United States Coast Survey , American, founded 1807
Surveyor:Triangulation by Richard Meade Bache , American, 1830 - 1907
Surveyor:Triangulation by Horace Andrews , American, 1852 - 1945
Surveyor:Triangulation by Edward Goodfellow , American, about 1828 - 1899
Surveyor:Topography by Richard Meade Bache , American, 1830 - 1907
Surveyor:Topography by James P. Bogart , 1852 - 1903
Surveyor:Topography by William F. Downer , American, 1850 - 1923
Printer:Lithographed by Julius Bien , 1826 - 1909
Photo lithography; black printer's ink on paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 30 1/8 x 21 1/8in. (76.5 x 53.7cm) Sheet (height x width): 32 1/8 x 24in. (81.6 x 61cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: For this detailed series of maps of the New Haven region, the head of the United States Coast Survey, Richard M. Bache, employed recent graduates of the Sheffield Scientific School, including Horace Andrews and James P. Bogart. This map, showing East Rock Ridge, one of the promiment trap rock ridges overlooking New Haven, makes effective use of contour lines to indicate the steep slope. Contour intervals were quite a new innovation in map making. Most earlier maps made little effort to accurately depict relief.
Description: Sheet 2 of an 11-sheet map of the New Haven, Connecticut, area, primarily conveying the topography, geographical coordinates and different types of land in the area. West Rock Ridge is the main identifying feature of this section, with a river and a road running roughly parallel to the ridge. Land divisions are indicated with dotted lines, and what are presumably roads are indicated with solid parallel lines. Contour lines indicate elevation with the height of the hill provided in feet. Hemlock and Dead Tree are the two areas identified on the land area depicted. Buildings appear to be shown with small rectangular shapes, either shaded or marked with an "x." Additionally, some places beyond the area detailed are provided: Hotchkiss, Quartz Hill, West Rock and Westville, in the case of this map.
Cartographic Note: Scale: 1:10,000
Inscription: Recto, right, printed in black ink: "SHEET No. 3 / REGION OF / NEW HAVEN / CONNECTICUT / Scale 1/10,000 / 1877 / Triangulation in 1871, by Edward Goodfellow, Assistant U.S.C.S.; / and in 1875-6, by R.M. Bache, Assistant U.S.C.S.; Horace Andrews, / Aid. / Topography by R.M. Bache, Assistant U.S.C.S.; Wm. F. Downer, / Aid, 1875-6, and James P. Bogart, Aid, 1877. / From a survey made for / The City of New Haven / by the / United States Coast Survey / JULIUS BIEN, PHOTO-LITH." Bottom left, printed in black ink: "ELEVATION / The curves of equal elevation are given for every 20 feet / difference of level. The intermediate forms are shown by dotted / curves. The heights of the hills are expressed in feet."
Object Number: 2012.312.216.3
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