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Pewterer:Attributed to Thomas Danforth Boardman and Sherman Boardman , American, 1810 - 1860
Original Owner:Originally owned by the East Granby Congregational Church , American
Cast pewter
Primary Dimensions (height x diameter at base): 7 x 3 3/4in. (17.8 x 9.5cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Albert C. Bates
Description: Group of three cast pewter chalices, or goblets, part of a Communion service consisting of four chalices (1950.364.1-.3, 1981.20.0), a baptismal basin (1950.364.5), a flagon (1950.364.6), and a pair of patens (1950.364.7-.8). Each chalice has a flared rim, straight sides, a tall stem with a ring in the center, and a round foot. Each chalice is cast in two parts that are soldered together. Each chalice has skimming marks and chatter marks on the interior of the foot. Skimming Marks: Skimming marks are concentric rings left on cast pewter objects by skimming tools. Skimming is the process of removing metal and smoothing rough surfaces by scraping the pewter object as it rotates on a lathe. Chatter Marks: Chatter marks are radial lines extending across skimming marks on a pewter object, caused by vibration of the skimming tool.
Object Number: 1950.364.1-.4
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