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Decanter with Stopper
Original Owner:Possibly originally owned by Ann Hempstead , American, 1798 - 1896
Original Owner:Possibly originally owned by Isaac Hancock , American, 1802 - 1890
Maker:Made by Unknown
Decanter (.b): Blown, cut, and engraved colorless non-lead glass. Stopper (.a): Cut colorless lead glass.
Primary Dimensions (height including stopper x diameter): 10 1/2 x 3 1/2in. (26.7 x 8.9cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Barbara Hancock Chase Mayer in memory of her father, Harry Hancock Chase
Description: Blown, cut, and engraved colorless non-lead glass decanter with stopper. The decanter (.b) has a flared lip, a tapered neck, low sloping shoulders, a semi-barrel-shaped body, and a flat bottom with a polished pontil mark in the center. A band of vertical flutes circles the full height of the neck, while a band of shorter flutes circles the bottom edge of the decanter. A double line of engraved swags of vines, leaves, and flowers decorates the body of the decanter. The swags alternate positions; where one swag curves up, another curves down. The interior of the neck is ground to receive the stopper. The lead glass stopper (.a) consists of a vertical disc-shaped finial above a ground tapered portion that fits into the neck of the decanter. The sides and edges of the finial are cut. The inside of the neck of the decanter has light horizontal scratches. The bottom of the decanter has a ring of light scratches and wear. The cut edges of the stopper are lightly worn and nicked. Pontil mark: A rough place on a blown glass object where the solid metal rod, or pontil, is cracked off the object after final shaping and decoration. Pontil marks can be polished to achieve a smooth surface.
Object Number: 1986.86.10a,b
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