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Original Owner:Originally owned by Asenath Carter , American, 1755 - 1841
Maker:Made by Unknown
Blown and engraved colorless non-lead glass
Primary Dimensions (height x diameter): 6 1/8 x 4 1/2in. (15.6 x 11.4cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Ellen J. Westerberg in memory of Elizabeth B. Clark
Description: Blown and engraved colorless non-lead glass tumbler. The tumbler has a plain rim, tapered sides, and a shallow kick and a pontil mark on the bottom. The lower sides of the tumbler were formed in a pattern mold and have wide flutes. A wheel-engraved border circles the tumbler just below the rim. The engraving starts at the rim with an undulating line, followed by a straight line below. Below this is the vesica pattern, consisting of wide quarter circles superimposed over each other; the spaces created by the quarter circles are engraved, either with cross hatching or with a small stylized flower. There are a few small air bubbles and seeds, or unvitrified matter, in the glass. There are a ring of wax and a ring of light scratches and wear on the bottom edges of the tumbler. Kick: An indentation in the bottom of a drinking glass, bottle, or other glass object. Pontil mark: A rough place on a blown glass object where the solid metal rod, or pontil, is cracked off the object after final shaping and decoration. Pontil marks can be polished to achieve a smooth surface.
Object Number: 1963.31.3
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