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late 19th-early 20th century
Original Owner:Probably originally owned by Mabel Edith Goodrich , American, 1867 - 1959
Retailer:Sold by Hansel, Sloan and Company , American
Maker:Possibly made by Staffordshire potteries , English, 17th century-present
Mechanically-molded earthenware with underglaze cobalt blue decoration and overglaze gilding
Primary Dimensions (diameter): 9in. (22.9cm)
Credit Line: Bequest of George H. Gilman, Jr.
Description: Round, earthenware plate with a slightly scalloped edge and a transfer-printed underglaze cobalt blue decoration and overglaze gilding. The transfer-printed design was printed in a dark blue then made to run in the kiln, a type of ceramic known as flow blue. The pattern on the plate shows the letter "W" over the letter M" in the center, which stands for Martha Washington. The Latin motto "DECUS ET TUTAMEN AB ILLO" is located in a banner underneath the initials. Both the initials and the banner are outlined in gilding. The initials and motto sit in the center of a starburst pattern, in flow blue and gilding, that extends to the inside of the plate's rim. The rim is decorated with the "Chain of States" pattern, showing the names of fifteen states inside ovals: "No. Carolina," "So. Carolina," "Georgia," "New Hampshire," "Massachusetts," "Vermont," "Rhode Island," "Connecticut," "New York," "Jersey," "Pennsylvania," "Delaware," "Maryland," "Virginia," "Kentucky." The ovals are all connected by a small ring of gilding, creating the appearance of a chain. Finally, the edge of the rim has a raised decoration consisting of a line of fleur de lis, dots, rope, and another line of dots. The rim was also decorated with flow blue; however, the raised decoration stands out in white. There is crazing visible on the white portions and underside of the plate. The gilding is beginning to wear away.
Object Number: 1985.14.21
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