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Culture: American
U.S. Navy A.A. Range Indicator
Maker:Made by A. C. Gilbert Co. , American
Bakelight, metal, fabric cord
Primary Dimensions: (Length) 9 1/2 x (Height) 3/4 x (Diameter) 5 1/4in. (24.1 x 1.9 x 13.3cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Martha Kendall in memory of John S. Kendall
Description: A flat disk-shaped plastic device in the general shape of a hand mirror. The center of the main ring is cut out with two metal pieces running from one side to the handle side. Inside the circle in the center is inserted a metal disk with four pointers 45 degrees from each other. Around the outside of the device are numbers printed in white accompanied by names of German airplanes. On the verso near the handle is plate printed "U.S. Navy - Bu. of Ord. A.A. Range Indicator made by The A.C. Gilbert Company, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 1944". Raised lettering above reads "To be held 24 inches from eye". A cord is looped through a hole at the end of the handle.
According to the donor, the range indicator was "Aircraft Gunner, Mark1." it is a hand held finder used to ascertain the range of any enemy aircraft based upon its known wingspan. The enemy aircraft noted on the indicator dial placed the date of manufacture around 1942/1943 (although the plate on the back indicates 1944).
Object Number: 2015.127.1
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