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Map of New Milford, Litchfield, County, Connecticut
Draftsman:Sketches by Lawrence Fagan , American, born about 1825
Maker:Made by Edgar C. Beman
Printmaker:Lithographed by Friend & Aub , American, founded 1852
Printer:Printed by Wagner & McGuigan , American, 1845 - 1859
Publisher:Published by Richard Clark , American
Lithography; black printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper mounted on fabric
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 40 x 45 1/2in. (101.6 x 115.6cm) Sheet (height x width): 41 x 47 1/4in. (104.1 x 120cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Gallery Copy: New Milford is the largest town in Connecticut, and it was even larger in 1853, when it still included the town of Bridgewater. Bridgewater, which appears as a village within the town of New Milford on this map, would be incorporated as a separate town in 1856. Other villages include Northville and Gaylordsville, or Merwinsville. The name was changed in 1853 the same year this map was published. In that year, Sylvanus Merwin, the proprietor of Merwin's Hotel, became the village postmaster. Although the name still appears as Gaylordsville on the map itself, in the vignette showing the hotel, its location is given as Merwinsville. The hotel also served as a station on the Housatonic Railroad.
Description: Map of the town of New Milford, Connecticut, with Kent to the north, Washington and Roxbury to the east, Brookfield to the south, and Sherman to the west. The town is divided into sixteen districts. The Housatonic River and the Housatonic Railroad run north and south through the town. Elevation is indicated by hachure marks. Roads are shown but not named. Names of property owners are indicated. Separate small maps show the villages of New Milford and Bridgewater. Vignettes depict the Housatonic Institute, S. Morehouse's Cabinet Manufactory in Northville, Merwin's Hotel, Gaylordsville from the south, J. Eli Treat's Store, the store of Noble and Bennett, the Congregational Church in Bridgewater, and the Congregational Church and the Episcopal Church in New Milford. Also shown are the residences of Horace Merwin, Burr Glover, Anson Squier, Harvey Stone, Elijah Boardman, Noabiah Mygatt, John G. Noble, A. Clark, David C. Sanford, Colonel John C. Smith, Colonel Hiram Keeler, A. B. Mygatt, D. P. Clark, Anan Hine, G. W. Whittelsey, J. B. Harrison, and J. P. Treadwell.
Cartographic Note: Five inches equals one mile
Inscription: On recto, lower right, printed in black ink, "MAP / OF / NEW MILFORD / Litchfield Co. Conn. / Surveyed / BY / L. FAGAN / 1853 / Published by / RICHARD CLARK / 12 Moyamensing Road, Philada. / Lith of Friend & Aub 80 Walnut St. Phil. / Printed by Wagner & McGuigan / Sketches by Edgar Beman / Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1853, by Richard Clark in the Clerks office of the District court of the eastern District of Pa. / Scale: Five inches to 1 Mile." On verso, upper left, in pencil, "MAPS / Case 4 / No. 13"; in red ink, "57766" On verso, upper center, in pencil, "1367" On verso, upper right, in pencil, "MAPS / Case 4 / No. 13" On verso, lower right, in pencil, "1949.21.0"
Object Number: 1949.21.0
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