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Map Showing Location of Reservoirs and Extent of Watershed for the Hartford Water Works
Surveyor:Surveyed by Seth E. Marsh , American, about 1823 - 1878
Surveyor:Surveyed by Henry W. Ayres , American, 1848 - 1912
Maker:Made for the Hartford Water Company , American, founded 1851
Drawing; black ink, blue watercolor, and blue crayon on wove paper on fabric
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 40 3/4 x 76 3/4in. (103.5 x 194.9cm) Sheet (height x width): 43 1/2 x 80in. (110.5 x 203.2cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: You can actually see the Hartford reservoir system taking shape in this 1875 map. Reservoirs No. 1, 2, 3, and 5 are depicted, with Reservoir 2 shown as "proposed." However, these numbers, the numbers by which these reservoirs are still known today, have been penciled in, and the original numbers, written in black ink, have been crossed out. Before this renumbering, Reservoir No. 2 was Reservoir No. 3, Reservoir 3 was Reservoir No. 4, and Reservoir No. 5 was Reservoir No. 2. The decision to create a new reservoir in Farmington, to be known as Reservoir No. 4, must led to this change in numbering. This map also reflects changing conventions in mapmaking. In this map, engineer Seth E. Marsh and his assistant Henry W. Ayres used hachure marks to indicate elevation. A year later, the same two engineers would employ contour intervals to show elevation. This innovation allowed the actual heights of the hills and the steepness of the slopes to be portrayed more accurately.
Description: Map of parts of Farmington, West Hartford, and Avon, showing the locations of Reservoirs No. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Dyke Pond, Trout Brook, Mine Brook, Long's Pond, and other streams and ponds are shown. Existing and proposed canals connecting the reservoirs are shown. Roads include the Albany Turnpike (present day Route 44) with toll house, Mountain Spring Road, Farmington Road (Farmington Avenue), Middle Road, and South Road. Names of property owners are given. Elevation is indicated with hachure marks. A four-point compass rose is at upper right.
Cartographic Note: One inche equals 400 feet
Inscription: On recto, lower right, in black ink, "Map / SHOWING LOCATION OF / RESERVOIRS / AND / EXTENT OF WATERSHED / FOR THE / Hartford Water Works. / From Surveys in the Winter of 1875. / SETH E. MARSH C.E. H.W. AYRES C.E. ASS'T. / Scale 400 feet to an Inch" On verso, lower left, in black ink, "acc 088135" "1970-27-23" Upper left, in black ink, "acc 088135: "1970-27-23"; in pencil, "North Map - Water Shed &c." Lower right, in pencil, "North Map - Water Shed &c"
Object Number: 1970.27.23
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