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Wholecloth Quilt
embroidered 1775-1800, quilted 1800-1825
Embroiderer:Bed hangings possibly embroidered by Mercy Copp , Anglo-American
Quiltmaker:Possibly quilted by Rhoda W. Fuller , American, 1795 - 1859
Quiltmaker:Possibly quilted by Rhoda Baldwin , American, 1770 - 1837
Hand-stitched embroidery; crewel wool and cotton thread on plain-woven linen
Primary Dimensions (height x width): 90 x 97 1/2in. (228.6 x 247.7cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Description: Wholecloth quilt consisting of a plain-woven linen top, thick batting, and a plain-woven linen backing; these three layers are hand-stitched together with parallel quilting lines. The quilt top is made from bed hangings, a pair of bed curtains and three valances, that have been stitched together. The bed hangings are hand-stitched with crewel, or two-ply worsted wool, in many bright colors, including dark medium and light blue, dark medium and light pink, red, yellow, blue-green and cream. The center of the quilt is decorated with two side-by-side crewel embroidered patterns, each with a single flower emerging from a blue basket in the center. These are surrounded by widely-spaced designs of single or multiple flowers emerging from a small basket or from a scrolled vine. Each of the four sides of the quilt has a border of scrolled vines intertwined with large flowers. The bottom left and right corners of the quilt are angled. The quilt is constructed of panels of plain-woven linen that were hand-stitched together to form bed hangings, then decorated. The backing consists of plain-woven linen panels that are pieced together; at the bottom of the backing are strips of a compound-weave fabric. Each edge of the quilt has a plain-woven tape binding. The principal stitch on the bedcovering is outline; it also includes satin, encroaching satin, herringbone, buttonhole, buttonhole, darning, flat and seed. Condition: The crewel wool is intact, although the lighter colors have faded. The top, or ground, is worn and has holes along the top edge of the quilt. The quilt is yellowed with large and small brown stains scattered on the top and backing. Additional holes on the back are located at the site of some stains and in the compound-weave fabric at the bottom.
Inscription: The initials "RF" are embroidered with a cross stitch on the backing, at the lower right corner. A laundry tag sewn onto the back at this corner reads, "K. W. Fox/ From 68 Sumner St./ Hartford Conn." "Clarissa Fox Hampton/Connecticut" is hand-written in black ink on the back of the quilt, in the upper right quadrant.
Object Number: 1976.43.0
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