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Compotes and Original Box
Maker:Made by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd. , English, 1895 - present
Compotes (.b and .c): mechanically-molded jasperware with gilding. Original Box (.a): cardboard, satin ribbon. Box Insert (.d): wove paper.
Component (diameter of each compote): 4 3/8in. (11.1cm) Component (height x width x depth of box): 1 3/8 x 9 3/8 x 4 3/4in. (3.5 x 23.8 x 12.1cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Henry W. Rapp, Jr.
Description: This group of objects consists of a rectangular box that contains two compotes and a folded paper insert. According to the sticker on the box, the box contains two compotes, or "compotiers." The compotes are shaped like small, shallow, round dishes. Compote (.b): A blue, round, solid jasperware compote with applied white jasperware decoration consisting of thirteen five-pointed stars evenly spaced around the rim and the state seal of Connecticut in the center. The state seal of Connecticut shows three clusters of grapes and vines resting on vertical supports. These float over a banner with the impressed latin words "QUI TRANSTULIT SUSTINET". Circling the seal is the raised latin phrase "SIGILLUM REIPUBLICAE CONNECTICUTENSIS". Compote (.c): A blue, round, solid jasperware compote with applied white jasperware decoration consisting of thirteen five-pointed stars evenly spaced around the rim and a bust facing left in the center of the compote. The man pictured by the bust has short hair and wears a colonial-style jacket and lightly ruffled shirt. Beneath the bust, in gilding, is the signature of "Roger Sherman". Original Box (.a): The original, rectangular, cardboard box was specifically made to hold ceramics from Wedgwood's state seal series. The outside of the box, covered with a shiny coated paper, is blue, with a stylized, darker blue printed shell decoration on the top. Below this is the white company name, "Wedgwood" printed in a font without seriphs. Both the top, left and right sides, and bottom are solid blue, while the front and back are white. A small blue-green sticker on the front left corner of the box states "Jasper (Pale Blue)/ PAIR OF COMPOTIERS/ Connecticut & Sherman". Blue printed words on the white cardboard explain the contents of the box: "Wedgwood State Seal Series/ Commemorating the bicentennial of American Independence/ Set No 13 The State of Connecticut/ Each of the sets in the series portrays the seal of one of the original thirteen States which supported the/ Declaration of Independence, and one of the State's Representatives who signed it./ Only one edition will be made of each set, production of which will cease with the introduction of the next set./ The series will be completed by 1976./ [Signed Arthur Bryan]/ Arthur Bryan, Chairman/ Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd/ Barlaston/ Stoke-on-Trent, England". As the top folds open, two satin ribbons at either side prevent the top from opening more than ninety degrees. On the bottom interior of the box, two square, cardboard forms with circular openings hold the round jasperware compotes in place. Insert (.d): A white paper insert printed with black ink found inside the box, is titled "Know your Wedgwood" and has a picture of a statue of Josiah Wedgwood standing in front of a modern building printed on the front. The text of this insert is a text entry in this record. Condition: The compotes, box and inserts are in good condition with only minor wear to the box. On the left side, small portions of the cardboard were punctured and scratched, resulting in some peeling to the blue paper at present. There is slight wear to the top of the box, and some areas of dirt above the 'g' in "Wedgwood". The bottom of the box shows several light scratches as well. Inside the box, the partitions between the two compotes show wear where the compotes have rubbed against the cardboard.
Object Number: 1986.94.0a-d
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