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A Map of the Fortified Country of Man's Heart
Printer:Printed by D. W. Kellogg & Co. , American, 1830 - 1840
Publisher:Published by D. W. Kellogg & Co. , American, 1830 - 1840
After a work by:After a work by A Lady , active 1830 - 1840
Lithography; printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 8 5/8 x 8 1/4in. (21.9 x 21cm) Sheet (height x width): 12 x 9in. (30.5 x 22.9cm)
Credit Line: The Newman S. Hungerford Museum Fund
Description: "Map" is in the shape of a heart, with fortifications, the "Outer Redoubt of Dread of Matrimony," surrounding the left and upper portions and avenues, gates, and bridges leading towards the "Citadel of Self Love" at the center, through the "Land of Romance," the "Land of Love of Money," the "Land of Love of Power," the "Land of Love of Ease," and the "Land of Economy." Other "geographical" features--rivers, lakes, a forest, a prairie, a morass, are also labeled.
Cartographic Note: No scale
Inscription: On recto, lithographed title above image, "A Map of"; below image, "THE FORTIFIED COUNTRY OF / MAN'S HEART, / Exhibiting its defences and modes of exposure to attack." Features of map are labeled as follows: "OUTER REDOUBT OF DREAD OF MATRIMONY" "Moat of Prudence" "Inner Breast-work of Fears of Petticoat Government" "Avenue of Housewifery" "Gare of Convenience" "Helpmeet Bridge" LAND OF LOVE OF EATING" "Gingerbread / Palace" "LAND OF ECONOMY" "River of Hard Earnings" "River of Close Savings" "Misers Lake""Avenue of / GOOD SENSE" "Gate of / Esteem" "Companion Bridge" "LAND OF LOVE OF POWER" "Sovereign / Peak" "Mountains of Pride" "LAND OF / BETTER JUDGMENT" "IRRESOLUTION" "Insurmountable Rocks of ? Proposal" "R. Trop de Trouble" "Frozen Lakes / of Indifference""Avenue of / Good Temper" "Gate Slipshod" "Good Easy Soul Bridge" "LAND OF LOVE OF EASE" "Great & Little Drone Rivers" "Reflection" "Silence" "Wall of dread of a Womans tongue" "Celibacy Outposts" "Cigar Grove" "Morass of Indolence" "Avenue of / BEAUTY" "Angel Gate Wide Open" "Forest of Fancy" "LAND OF ROMANCE" "Navigable River of Day Dreams" "R. Novel Reading" "Grand Avenue of / FORTUNE." "Bridge of Good Security" "Heiress Gate" "Low Wall of Personal Dislike" "LAND OF / LOVE OF MONEY" "Dower River" "Lake of Pocket Book" "Observatory / of / Speculations" "Tandem Turnpike" "Sell Soul / Market" "Whisker Prairie" "Citadel of / SELF LOVE" "Corner Towers of Suspicion" On verso, lower right, in pencil, accession number
Object Number: 2010.182.1
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