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Harbors of Captain's Island East and Captain's Island West
Publisher:Published by United States Coast Survey , American, founded 1807
Surveyor:Under the direction of Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler , American, 1770 - 1843
Surveyor:Triangulation by James Ferguson , American, 1797 - 1867
Surveyor:Topography by Constant M. Eakin , French-American, 1794 - 1870
Surveyor:Hydrography by George S. Blake , American, 1802 - 1871
Engraving; printer's ink on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 14 x 17 1/4in. (35.6 x 43.8cm) Platemark (height x width): 17 3/4 x 21 1/4in. (45.1 x 54cm) Sheet (height x width): 18 3/4 x 23in. (47.6 x 58.4cm)
Credit Line: Gift of the Charleston Library Society
Gallery Copy: A harbor of refuge is a port, harbor, inlet, or other body of water sheltered from heavy seas by land and in which a vessel can navigate and safely moor. While Greenwich, Connecticut was not a major port in the nineteenth century, its offshore islands provided protection from most winds and a place where vessels could anchor to wait for daylight or to ride out a storm. This 1849 chart provides detailed sailing instructions for how to reach the anchorages behind the two islands, which today are known as Great Captain's Island and Little Captain's Island.
Description: Chart of the coast of Greenwich, Connecticut from Minursen Island to Flat Neck Point, including the Byram River, Byram's Point, Horseneck Point, Bush's Harbor, Chimney Corner, and the mouth of Mannock's River. The nature of the terrain is indicated; elevation is indicated by hachure marks. Roads and buildings are shown, with a cluster of buildings in the village of Saw-Pits. Islands include Captain's Island East (Little Captain's Island) and Captain's Island West (Great Captain's Island), and Calf Island. Soundings are in feet, up to eighteen feet. Sailing directions are at upper left and an explanation of tides is at lower left.
Cartographic Note: Scale 1/20,000
Inscription: On recto, lower right, printed in black ink, "HARBORS OF CAPTAIN’S ISLAND EAST / AND / CAPTAIN’S ISLAND WEST / (Harbors of Refuge No. ) / From a Trigonomectrical Survey / Under the direction of F.R. HASSLER Superintendent of the / SURVEY OF THE COAST OF THE UNITED STATES / Triangulation by JAMES FERGUSON Assistants / Topography by C.M. Eakin, W.M. Boyce & J. Farley Assistants. / Hydrography by the party under the / command of / Lieutenant G.S. BLAKE U.S. Navy. / Published in 1849. / A. D. Bache Superintendent. / Scale 1/20,000 / Verified by A.A. Humphreys Lieu.t Eng.ts & Assistant" On recto, upper left, printed in black ink, “Harbor Map No.” On recto, upper center, printed in black ink, " Presented to _______ / under the authority of an Act of Congress of the United States of June 3rd 1844 & by direction of the Treasury Department. / A.D. Bache Superintendent, Coast Survey." On recto, lower left, printed in black ink, "Topography reduced by W. Luce, draughtsmen. / Hyrography reduced by W.C. Barney, Lt. U.S. Navy.” On recto, lower left, printed in black ink, "Hills by A. Rolle. Title by W. Smith, and the rest by S.T. Petit.” On verso, upper right, in pencil, "Deacidified / 12/10/01"
Object Number: 1995.205.2
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