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Wooster Square 1880
Draftsman:Drawn by John B. Kirby Jr. , American
After a work by:After a work by Amos Doolittle , American, 1754 - 1832
Lithography; brown ink on paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 15 x 19in. (38.1 x 48.3cm) Sheet (height x width): 16 x 20in. (40.6 x 50.8cm)
Credit Line: Gift of John B. Kirby, Jr.
Gallery Copy: Wooster Square in New Haven, Connecticut is known for its fine residential architecture, most of it dating from the middle of the nineteenth century, when the area was home to merchants and sea captains. John B. Kirby, Jr. has taken care to show each individual building surrounding the square, basing his composition on early nineteenth century maps such as those by Amos Doolittle and William Lyon. The decorative calligraphic dedication to the People of the New Township, is likewise based on early models. The New Township, a name that goes back to the eighteenth century, refers to that part of New Haven that lay between the nine original squares and the Mill River.
Description: Map of Wooster Square in New Haven, Connecticut, from Hughes Place to the north, Wooster Place to the east, Brewery Street to the south, and Home Place to the west. The facades of the buildings around the square are faithfully recreated in ink, down to their correct proportions and numbers of windows and doors. They are labeled with the name of the building or the owner's name.
Cartographic Note: Scale: About 9/16 inch equals 50 feet
Inscription: Recto, right side, printed in brown ink: "WOOSTER SQUARE / 1880 / TO THE / People / OF THE / NEW TOWNSHIP / This Plan / Is with all due Respect most humbly / DEDICATED / By their most obedient / Humble Servant / John Burgis Kirby Junr / New Haven Octr. 28th 1978 / The BUILDINGS in this PLAN are marked differently from what is customary. / Instead of giving the ground plot, it was thought it would be more pleasing to / have the elevation of the Front. In doing this care has been taken, not only to / exhibit the proportions of each building, but likewise the exact number of / doors and windows.--Quoted from Amos Doolittle's MAP of NEW HAVEN of 1812 / Calligraphy by La Regina" Verso, bottom left corner, handwritten in pencil: "Map Box / 124"
Object Number: 1979.97.0
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