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Village of Wethersfield, Conn. A.D. 1634 to 1644
about 1900
Printer:Printed by Unknown
After a work by:After a work by Sherman Wolcott Adams , American, 1836 - 1898
Lithography; black printer's ink on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 4 x 6 3/4in. (10.2 x 17.1cm) Sheet (height x width): 7 x 9in. (17.8 x 22.9cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: This map, which must have appeared in a book or article about Wethersfield, Connecticut, is very closely based on a map of early Wethersfield prepared by Sherman W. Adams, dated 1885. Adams, whose research formed the basis for Henry R. Stiles's History of Wethersfield, published in 1904, evidently based his map on early documents. There are a few significant differences between the two maps. The current map indicates the area in the bend of the river that became Wethersfield Cove after the river changed its course in 1691 and clearly identifies Cole-Standish Island. James Cole of Hartford originally owned the island; in 1654, he sold the south part of the island to Thomas Standish. The island no longer exists, another example of the many changes in the river over time.
Description: Map of part of what is now Wethersfield, Connecticut, as it appeared in the 17th century. A loop of the Connecticut River (or Great River) appears to the north of the settlement, on the left edge of the map. Reading the map so that it is oriented north-south, the village extends from the Great River to the north, the Great Meadow to the east, the Great Plain to the south, and Beaver Brook to the west. In the river is Cole-Standish Island. Streets are labeled and residences and public buildings are marked with squares and the names of their owners or occupants.
Cartographic Note: No scale
Inscription: Recto, center, printed in black ink: "GREAT WEST FIELD / THE LOTS IN WHICH WERE 1 1/2 MILES LONG." Map Transcription Names of the property owners indicated on the map include: On High Street (near the Common Yard): Jonas Weede, J. Livermore, Robert Bates, J. Whitmore, Thomas Whitway, J. Jessup, Edward Mason, J. Churchill, O. Hubbard, Richard Gildersleeve, W. S. Wayne, J. Deming Sr., Richard Crabbe, Edward Sherman, Rev. J. Sherman, Richard Wescott, Samuel Clark, Thomas Wright, R. Abbott, John Gibbs, John Reynolds, Andrew Ward, Rev. H. Smith, J. Nott, T. Ufford, J. Thompson On Forte Street: J. Plumb On Hartford Way: George Chappell, Samuel Ireland, J. Ferris, Jac. Waterhouse, J. Brundiam, Ho. Curtis On Rose Lane: C. L. Chaplin, W. Smith, Richard Smith, Johnelson, John Robbins, Rev. Richard Denton, Samuel Hale, Era. Norton On Bell Lane: Richard Law, Robert Park, Jasper Rawlins, James Miller, Nathan Foote On Back Lane connecting to Watering Lane: H. Welles, Thomas Hansett, Michael Griswold On Short Street: E. Wood, Thomas Sherwood On Broad Street and nearby roads: A. Finch Jr., Daniel Finch, A. Finch Sr., Thomas Coleman, Leonard Chester Gent., L. Bradfield, Richard Belden, Robert Seeley, Robert Rose, John Clarke, William Palmer, Nathan Foote Sr. Jeremy Jagger, T. Morehouse
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