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An Exact Map of New England, New York, Pennsylvania & New Jersey from the latest Surveys
Printmaker:Engraved by John Lodge , British, died 1796
Engraving; printer's ink on paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 7 1/2 x 10in. (19.1 x 25.4cm) Sheet (height x width): 8 x 10 3/8in. (20.3 x 26.4cm) Mount (height x width): 8 5/8 x 13 1/2in. (21.9 x 34.3cm)
Credit Line: Gift of William C. Conklin
Gallery Copy: William Russell, a native of Scotland, was a truly eclectic author, who wrote tales, fables, poetry, tragedy, and two major histories, one of America and one of modern Europe. His History of America was illustrated with engravings and with several maps, including this one, which was evidently intended to show the American colonies at the time of the French and Indian War. Although published in 1778 in the midst of the American Revolution, Russell's History only dealt with events through the end of the French and Indian War in 1763.
Description: Map of the states of Connecticut, Massachuetts, and Rhode Island, with parts ot the states of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. The eastern part of Lake Ontario and the Susquehanna River are to the west. Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey; and New York, New York are to the south. Jeffreys Bank, Crab Bank and other unnamed banks are to the east. The northern part of Lake Champlain and Casco Bay are to the north. Various forts, including Fort Frederick, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort George, Fort Dummer, Fort Miller, Fort Handy, Fort Shirley, and Fort Anne, are indentified. A four-point compass rose is at the far right.
Cartographic Note: 2 5/8 inches = 100 English statute miles. An English statue mile equals 5280 feet.
Inscription: On recto, upper left, in cartouche, printed in black ink, "An Exact Map / of / NEW ENGLAND NEW YORK / PENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEY / from the latest / Surveys." On verso, in pencil, "82331"; on verso of mount, lower left, in pencil, "Map Box / 5"; lower right, in pencil, "82331" "1971.71.1"
Object Number: 1971.71.1
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