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Surveyed land in Litchfield
Surveyor:Surveyed by Truman Guild , American, 1806 - 1890
Draftsman:Drawn by Truman Guild , American, 1806 - 1890
Drawing; black ink on paper, lined with linen
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 27 3/4 x 17in. (70.5 x 43.2cm) Sheet (height x width): 27 3/4 x 17in. (70.5 x 43.2cm) Mount (height x width): 27 3/4 x 17in. (70.5 x 43.2cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: Many of the owners of property shown on this 1846 map are women, and some of them are closely related. Abel H. Clemons was the father of Anna Clemons. Another daughter, Lucy, married John T. Peters. Peters died in 1878 and notations added after that date show property that formerly belonged to Julia Stoaddard and Dotha Patrick as part of his estate. A portion of this property is identified Peters's "Widow's Dower." Lucy Peters died in Hartford on February 21, 1885.
Description: Survey of the lots of land along a highway in Litchfield. The lots are labeled with the owner's name; the degrees, minutes and seconds of each boundary line; and the area in acres. Buildings, such as houses or barns, are noted, as are the locations of stones, springs and walls. Dotted lines indicate the locations of stone walls.
Cartographic Note: No scale
Inscription: Recto, right side, handwritten in black ink: "Surveyed January 14th 1846 / T. Guild County Surveyor"
Object Number: 2006.128.0
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