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A Plan of the East Part of the Colony of Connecticut
Draftsman:Drawn by Unknown
Drawing; ink on laid paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 20 1/8 x 28in. (51.1 x 71.1cm) Sheet (height x width): 21 7/8 x 30 1/8in. (55.6 x 76.5cm)
Credit Line: Gift of the Johnson Family
Gallery Copy: In 1766, William Samuel Johnson was appointed Connecticut's colonial agent in London and was charged with defending Connecticut's claim to Mohegan lands in southeastern Connecticut. The Mohegans had been contesting Connecticut's right to these lands since the early 1700s. Recent decisions had gone against them, and in 1770, the Mohegans appealed to the Privy Council. This map is one of three maps showing the contested territory that Johnson presumably had prepared in support of his defense of Connecticut's claims. The Privy Council decided in favor of the Colony of Connecticut and this judgment was later confirmed by the Crown.
Description: Map of eastern Connecticut with Suffield, Windsor, Weathersfield, Middle Town, Haddam, Durham, and Guildford on the west, Massachusetts to the north, the Colony of Rhode Island to the east, and The Sound to the South. The land is densely dotted with what appear to be small houses. References at the left provide a key to "the Original Bounds of the Pequot Country conquered by the English in 1638, since mistakenly called the Moheagan Country," "Lands decreed to the Indians by the ex parte judgment of Jos. Dudley and others in 1703," "the Tract called the sequestered Land, all disputes relative to which were settled by the Committee in 1721," and "the Tract so settled upon the Indians and now in their Possession called the Moheagan Fields confirmed to them by the judgment of the last Commissioners." A scale of miles is at the lower left. A simple compass indicating north, south, east, and west is at the lower right.
Cartographic Note: One inch equals three miles Constituent Note: Although the three maps in the Connecticut Historical Society are virtually identical, the handwriting varies dramatically, indicating that it was done by three different people. Date Note: Johnson was appointed colonial agent in 1766 and it is possible that a prototype of the three maps in the Connecticut Historical Society was prepared at that time. The three existing maps were probably all produced in London during the appeal to the Privy Council in 1770 or 1771.
Inscription: On recto, upper left, in brown ink, "A PLAN / of the east Part of the Colony of / CONNECTICUT / in NORTH AMERICA / shewing the Situation of the Lands in Controversy / between the inhabitants of that Colony / and the Moheagan Indians."
Object Number: 1913.9.3
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