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A Plan of Stratford, Connecticut
Surveyor:Surveyed by James Harvey Linsley , American, 1787 - 1843
Draftsman:Drawn by James Harvey Linsley , American, 1787 - 1843
Printmaker:Engraved by N. & S. S. Jocelyn , American, founded 1818
Engraving; printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 22 1/4 x 17 1/2in. (56.5 x 44.5cm) Platemark (height x width): 23 3/8 x 17 7/8in. (59.4 x 45.4cm) Sheet (height x width): 25 x 21in. (63.5 x 53.3cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: Stratford, first settled in 1639, originally included the land that became the towns of Shelton, Monroe, Trumbull, and part of Bridgeport. The latest of these subdivisions took place in 1821, when the town of Bridgeport was incorporated over the protests of its inhabitants. Stratford, the parent town, was in favor of the separation, fearing that the original settlement would be overshadowed by Bridgeport's rapid growth. This map, issued three years later, appears to be an expression of the civic pride of the citizens of Stratford. James Harvey Linsley, who surveyed and drew the map, had moved to Stratford in 1821 to open a boarding school for boys.
Description: Map of Stratford, Connecticut, extending from J. Frost's residence to the north, the Housatonic River to the east, James Blackman's residence to the south, and King Street to the west. Residences, churches and businesses are depicted, with the names of the owners inscribed next to the representation. In the Housatonic River (spelled "Housatonnick" on the map), there are several named ships: Wm., Tolerance, and Mary. Crossing the river at the top right is the Washington Bridge. In the bottom right corner, Milford Point crosses the Long Island Sound. Ferry Bridge Creek, Long Brook and Selby's Salt Pond are the other bodies of water named on the map.
Cartographic Note: Scale: 3/8" equals about 10 rods
Inscription: Recto, center bottom, printed in black ink: "A Plan of / STRATFORD, (CON.) / Accurately Surveyed & Delineated / By / James H. Linsley, A.M. / JUNE, 1824." Center bottom, printed in black ink: "N&S.S. Jocelyn Sc. N.H.Con." Right side, printed in black ink: "ABBREVIATIONS. / B. Blacksmiths ... Shop / Bk. Baker / Br. Brewer / C. Carriage ... Maker / Cb. Cabinet ... do. / Cr. Chair ... do. / Cn. Confectioner / Cp. Coopers .. Shop / H. Hatters ... do. / J. Joiners ... do. / R. Rope ... Maker / Sc. School ... House / S. Shoe ... Shop / Sd. Saddlers ... do. / T. Tailors ... do. / Tn. Tin ... do. / W. Weavers ... do. / Wr. Wheelrights ... Do. / Wt. Watch Makers ... do. / ...The Streets were originally / eight rods wide now narrowed / by encroachments. They are much / ornamented with Trees which can- / not be well represented on the / Map." Map Transcription Names of the property owners indicated on the map include: On Main Street and the nearby streets that are not specified by unique names (From North to South): J. Frost, Aaron, Cloe, Reuben, Lemuel Clark, Job Curtis, A Curtis, Levi Peck, Judson Peck, Silas Beers, Matthew Beers, Judson Peck Jun., Jabez Curtis, Elias Wells, Marcus Curtis, John Wells, Gary Dayton, Nathan Peck, Elijah Booth Esq., Alden Wilcox, Josiah Booth, Isaac Burritt (next to the Methodist Meeting House), Samuel Curtis, Jabez Curtis, Abel Booth, Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Peck, Eli Booth, Thaddeus Peck (near the Methodist Burying Ground), Mrs. Walker, John Booth, Gen. Walkers heirs, Judge Fairchild (next to the Probotic Office), Mrs. Curtis, Ashbel Curtis, N. Beach, J Osborn, G. Fairchild, N. Rogers, Mrs. Ivers, David Brooks Esq. (next to the Post Office and Store), Daniel Judson Esq., Maj. Brooks Store, Mrs. Wetmore, Dr. Tomlinson, Misses Tomlinson, Mrs. McEwen and Dr. Ames, Mrs. Judson, Sol. Curtis (next to the store), William Cairns, Judge Johnson, E. Lovejoy, Captain William Walker, Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, Fred Olmsted, Chas. Gilbert, Judson Gorham, Josiah Gorham, Elijah Marshall Stage House, Elijah Blackman, Obed, Mrs. Poor, David Poor, Curtis J. Wells, Reuben Wells, William McEwen, James Livingston, Curtis Fairchild, Benjain Plumb, John Stratton, John Rosevelt, Jerermy McEwen, John McEwen, Lewis Wells, Curtis Fairchild, Chas. Whiting, Captain S. Peck, Joel McEwen and L. Le G. Cannon, Mrs. Curtis, Henry Dean, Charles Burritt, Nathan Burritt, Eben Ufford, Mrs. Burritt, John E. Coe, Samuel Henry Ufford, Mrs. Beers and Backus, William Ufford, James Coe, Captain S. Curtis, Phebe Gorham and I. Lamson, Isaac Burritt, James Burritt, Joseph Burritt, Benjamin Ufford, Everett Birdseye, Mrs. Wells, On King Street and the nearby streets that are not specified by unique names (From North to South): Josiah Curtis, N. Curtis, James Booth, B. Curtis, I. P. Booth (next to the Distillery), Everitt Curtis, Agur Curtis, Dea. Agur Curtis 3rd, D. Beardsley, Abel Beardsley, Abijah Beardsley, Ephraim Judson, Nehemiah Curtis, Ezra C. Whiting, S. C. Whiting, D. Pendleton On Broad Street and the nearby streets that are not specified by unique names (around the congregational burying ground) : Col. Lewis, Ned, Isaac Brooks, J. Hubbel, Misses Bowdens, C. Scot, Silas Burton, James Jones, William Vance, S. Curtis, A. Judson, J. Lamson, J. Peters, Henry Beardsley, Eph. Beardsley, William Edwards and Son, B. Fairchild, Mrs. Olmsted, Col. Benjamin, Mrs. Curtis, T. M. Rogers, Wd. Beardsley, Philo Beardsley, William Beardsley, C. Grofut, Amos On Front Street (From North to South) and the nearby streets that are not specified by unique names (around the Episcopal Burying Ground): Dr. Shelton, Burr Brooks, Mrs. Thompson, Lieut. David Plant, Henry Curtis, Elijah Curtis, Joseph Otis, Asa Curtis, Abner Judson, Hannibal, Mrs. Hubbel, Lewis Burritt, Isaac Pendleton, Gen. M. Nicoll. James H. Linsley, Captain Dowdall, Dea. Philo Curtis, G. Gorham, A. Russel and C. Wells, Isaac Burritt, Lewis Curtis, Nathan Thorp, Dea. Agur Curtis, Daniel Deforest, G. Merit and G. Lampson, Samuel McEwen, William Gorham, James B. Blackman Around Selby's Salt Pond: Philip Fairchild and son, Betty Walker, William Fairchild, J. Southworth, Slaughter, Captain Chatfield, Maj. Wilmot, Captain Selby, Captain Gorham, John Andrew's, Captain S. Porter, Dea. Philo Curtis, G. Gorham. A. Beardsley On New Lane: Miss Smith and J. Dixon, Judson Curtis, Ebenezer Howes, Daniel Curtis, Wd. O'Neil, E. Deforest, S. Jackson (a musician), Guernsey, Captain S. Wheeler, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Curtis On the streets near Upper Green: Eli W Lewis, William Smith, Philo Wilcoxon, David Lewis, Charles Burton, E. Wilcoxen, Col. Wilcoxen, Andrew Gray, Mrs. Birdseye, Mrs. Lewis, Stephen Curtis, Levi Curtis, Captain S. Judson, Captain S. Judson Jun., Freeman Curtis Near the street that connects to the Washington Bridge: Captain S. C. Peck, Martha Wheeler, N. L. Wheeler, Elisha Wheeler, Stephen Wheeler, Judson Curtis, Joel Curtis, David Curtis, David Lacy.
Object Number: 2012.312.38
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