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A New and Improved Chart of the Gulf and River of St. Laurence, from the best authorities
Printmaker:Engraved by William Hooker , American, 1782 - 1856
Publisher:Published by Edmund March Blunt , 1770 - 1862
Engraving; black printer's ink on paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 30 1/2 x 49in. (77.5 x 124.5cm) Sheet (height x width): 31 1/4 x 49 3/4in. (79.4 x 126.4cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: The large banks in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland and Labrador were among the richest and most productive fishing grounds in the world, but the region was notorious for dense fog and strong winds and had a long history of maritime disasters. Sailors needed accurate charts to help them navigate these dangerous waters and E. M. Blunt and William Hooker were the most important American publishers of such charts.
Description: Nautical chart, including depth measurements, of the St. Lawrence river and gulf, with Labrador to the north, the Great Bank of Newfoundland (Grand Banks) to the east, Nova Scotia and Sable Bank to the south, and New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to the west. There is an inset of the St. Lawrence River from Quebec on the left. Lines of latitude and longitude are marked on the top, bottom and sides. Lighthouses are marked, as are areas with pebbles, shells and/or stones, or that make for rough fishing, on the Great Bank of Newfoundland. Four eight-point compass roses appear on the map, with three smaller compasses of 32 points.
Cartographic Note: No scale
Inscription: Recto, top left, printed in black ink: "A / NEW AND IMPROVED CHART OF / THE GULF AND RIVER OF ST LAURENCE / FROM THE BEST AUTHORITIES" Top left, printed in black ink: "Published Jany. 1st by E.M. BLUNT 202 Water St. New York / WILLIAM HOOKER Engr. / 1827." The lighthouses are all marked in reddish brown ink
Object Number: 2012.312.134
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