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A map of the Travels of George Washington
Publisher:Published by National Geographic Society (U. S.) , American, founded 1888
Offset lithography; black and colored printer's inks on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 28 1/8 x 19 1/8in. (71.4 x 48.6cm) Sheet (height x width): 29 x 20in. (73.7 x 50.8cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 to promote scientific research and exploration and to increase geographic knowledge among the general public. Over the years, the Society has produced many maps, both as fold-out sections of its popular magazine, and as separate publications. This map of the Travels of George Washington was produced in commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of Washington's birth on February 22, 1732. Washington's most notable visit to Connecticut took place in May 1781, when he met with the French general Rochambeau at the Joseph Webb House in Wethersfield to plan the successful military campaign which led to the conclusive American victory in the Battle of Yorktown.
Description: Map of the eastern United States, extending from Lake Ontario to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Georgia to the south, and parts of Tennessee and Kentucky to the west. Around the main map, there are five insets: New York and the lower Hudson, tidewater Virginia, Mount Vernon, Philadelphia and vicinity, and Boston and vicinity. All of the maps have routes marked on them with red Roman numerals, corresponding to four periods of Washington's life: the first, from the years 1732-1758, traces the years he spent "Surveying and French-Indian campaign;" the second, from 1759-1774, recounts Washington's steps in his "Travels to West;" the third, from 1775-1783, shows his travels during the Revolutionary War; and the fourth, from 1784-1799, detail his "Travels after the War." Also marked on the maps in red are names of places Washington visited; places that existed in his time are labeled in italics; and places that have been built or renamed since his time are in standard text.
Cartographic Note: Scale: 1 inch equals 39.5 miles Classification Note: In terms of this project, "historical maps" refer to those made at a later date than the time period depicted.
Inscription: Recto, top left, printed in black ink: "A Map of / THE TRAVELS OF / GEORGE WASHINGTON / Compiled and Drawn in the Cartographic Section of the / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY FOR / THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE / GILBERT GROSVENOR, LLD., LITT. D., EDITOR." Top left, printed in black ink: "Scale 1:2,5000,000 or 39.5 miles to 1 inch" Top left, printed in black ink: "Places existing in Washington's time are shown in italics: WilkesBarre ["WilkesBarre" in italics] / Places visited by Washington are lettered in red: Valley Forge ["Valley Forge" in red] / Places built or renamed since Washington's time are shown thus: Fall River / The red Roman numerals used to indicate the routes represent four periods of Washington's / life: I ["I" in red] 1732-1758 (Surveying and French-Indian campaign) / II [in red] 1759-1774 (Travels to West) / III [in red] 1775-1783 (Revolutionary War) / IV [in red] 1784-1799 (Travels after the War) / Routes marked with more than one Roman numeral were traveled / in each of the periods indicated. [double parallel lines] Colonial highways" Top left, printed in black ink: "Prepared in accordance with the Joint Act of Congress known / as the 71st Congress, Second Session, S.3398, in cooperation with / the United States Commission for the Celebration of the Two / Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington. / COMMISSIONERS / The President of the United States, Chairman / Vice President of the United States / Speaker of the House of Representatives / UNITED STATES SENATE / Simeon D. Fess, Vice Chairman / Arther Capper, Carter Glass, Millard E. Tydings / HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES / Willis C. Hawley, John Q. Tilson, / Joseph W. Byrns, R. Walton Moore / PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSIONERS / Mrs. Anthony Wayne Cook, Mrs. John Dickinson Sherman, / Henry Ford, George Eastman, C. Bascom Slemp, / Wallace McCanant, Albert Bushnell Hart, Bernard M. Baruch / ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR / Representative Sol Bloom" Bottom left, printed in black ink: "COPYRIGHT 1931 BY THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, WASHINGTON, D.C." Bottom right, printed in black ink: "ENGRAVED AND PRINTED BY REDFIELD-DOWNEY-ODELL CO. INC., NEW YORK" Verso, top left, handwritten in pencil: "Maps / Flat / 78"
Object Number: 2012.312.79
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