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A map of the most inhabited part of New England
after 1777
Draftsman:Drawn by W. Dall , American
After a work by:After a work by Georges Louis LeRouge , French, 1707 - 1790
Drawing; Black ink on laid paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 41 3/8 x 18 3/4in. (105.1 x 47.6cm) Sheet (height x width): 42 3/4 x 19 1/4in. (108.6 x 48.9cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: This appears to be an early manuscript copy of a portion of George Louis Le Rouge's Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England, which itself was based on a British map with the same title, published in London by Thomas Jeffreys in 1774. Neither the identity of the draftsman, W. Dall, or the purpose of the copy are known. It is possible that "Hazzen," who made the surveys of the Hudson River "to Lydius or Nicholson's Fort" could be Moses Hazen (1733-1803), a military officer who led the construction of a military road in Vermont during 1779.
Description: Part of a map of New England and part of New York State, with what is now Vermont to the north, the outline of New Hampshire to the east, the Long Island Sound and Long Island to the south, and Part of New York State to the west. Only the outlines of Massachusetts and Connecticut have been completed, although Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut, have been labeled, and some of the small rivers in the area filled in. Rivers, mountains, bays, harbors, islands and lakes are the natural features depicted. Elevation is shown with clusters of peaks. Dwellings, forts, meeting houses and "Indian habitations" are depicted with symbols defined in the Explanation list.
Cartographic Note: no scale
Inscription: Recto, top left, handwritten in black ink: "Observations on which this MAP is grounded" [with geographic coordinates of New York] Top left, handwritten in black ink: "Long Island, New York Harbor and Course of Hudsons / River, to Lydius or Nicholsons Fort, are laid down from very / larg and particular Surveys wth. that of Hazzen & others. / Wood Creek wth. St. Sacrament & part of Champlain / Lake from a French Survey."
Object Number: 2012.312.209
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