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A map of Bridgeport Accurately Surveyed & Delineated
Surveyor:Surveyed by H. L. Barnum , American, active 1824 - 1836
Draftsman:Drawn by H. L. Barnum , American, active 1824 - 1836
Printmaker:Engraved by N. & S. S. Jocelyn , American, founded 1818
Engraving; black printer's ink and watercolor on laid paper, lined with linen
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 17 3/16 x 21 3/16in. (43.7 x 53.8cm) Sheet (height x width): 19 1/4 x 22 1/8in. (48.9 x 56.2cm) Mount (height x width): 19 1/4 x 22 1/8in. (48.9 x 56.2cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: Bridgeport was a brand new town in 1824 when this map was surveyed and drawn. In 1821, over the protests of its inhabitants, it was incorporated as a separate town at the urgings of the inhabitants of Stratford, the parent town of which Bridgeport previously formed the western part. Stratford residents feared that their town would be overshadowed by rapidly growing Bridgeport, fears that would be borne out in later years, when Bridgeport developed as a booming industrial center. In 1824, it still appears as quite a small town, the home of small merchants and craftsmen.
Description: Street map of Bridgeport, Connecticut, extending from the turnpike to New Town and Litchfield to the north, Yellow-Mill Creek to the east, Captain Allen's residence to the south, and Stratfield Street to the west. The borough line is inscribed around the village in a broken solid and dotted line. The Paquanook (Poquonock) River and the Bridgeport harbor run through the center of the map, with the bridge spanning across the river from Beaver Street to an unnamed street, and sailboats and General LaFayette's steamship in the water. Residences and their owners, as well as churches, are depicted and labeled. Golden Hill is depicted in relief with hachure marks. In the top left, there is a list of references that provides the alphabetical abbreviations for the apothecary, baker, bookseller, cabinet maker, carriage maker, dry goods store, grocery store, hatter, lumber yard, printing office, plater, saddlery, tailor, toll house and watch maker. It also explains that the figures found on the map refer to fathoms at high water. An eight-point compass rose and north arrow appears on the left side of the map.
Cartographic Note: Scale: 1 inch equals about 18 miles
Inscription: Recto, top right, printed in black ink: "A / Map /of / BRIDGEPORT, / Accurately Surveyed & Delineated / BY / H.L. Barnum / 1824 / N. & S.S. Jocelyn Sc. NewHaven" On the left side, on Liberty Street, there are several hand-drawn boxes in pencil and the lines of Fayette and Lambert Streets have been extended, also in pencil. REFERENCE A: Apothecary / B: Bookseller / Bk: Book Seller / C: Cabinet Maker / Cr: Carriage Maker / D: Dry Goods Store / G: Grocery Store / H: Hatter / L: Lumber Yard / P: Printing Office / Pt: Plater / S: Saddlery / T: Tailor / Tl: Toll House / W: Watch Maker Names of property owners that appear on the map include the following: On Main Street (From North to South): Capt. D. Sterling, L. Thompson and J. Pool, L. Hawley, N. Wade, S. Hawley, S. Porter, R. Gregory, D. Sterling, N. I. Skinner, H. Coty, P. Sterges, L. Lyon, S. Northrop, C. L. Nichols, W. Deforest, R. Tweedy, S. Tweedy, T. Gouge, J. Clark, T. Hubbell, S. Hull, N. Coleman and E. Gregory, R. Atwell, Mrs. Hubbell, E. Middlebrooks, S. Burr, Mrs. Wolsey, I. Burroughs (?), Rev. H. Judah, Miss L. Shepherd and Dr. Hobman, M. Hinman, L. C. Segee, J. Sterling, D. B. Nicholas, N. Northrop, I. Sherman, G. Hawley, R. Hyde, J. B. Hall, A. Hawley, J. Norman, W. H. Peabody and J. Roberts, F. Allen On Gold Street (From West to East): Mrs. B. Edwards, U. Jennings On Golden-Hill Street (From East to West): S. Sterling, Rev. E. Waterman, J. French On Beaver Street (From East to West): S. Boroughs, E. Hubbell Esq., Dr. N. Tisdale, David Sterling Jr., G. Kippen, D. Hubbell (across from the Methodist Meeting House), S. May, I. Peck On Wall Street: R. Linus On Water Street (From North to South): J. Cannon, S. Hubbell, J. Hubbell (next to Pt.), F. Knapp (next to G), Fairchild (between G and D, S), S. Nicholas (between P and G), D. Fayrweather (next to D), Beach and Peck, C. B. Hubbell,Hubbell and Thompson (next to the Market), S. Boroughs, Lyon & Co., W. Deforest, I. Burroughs, J. Prindle, S. Jones, A & W. Hawley, D. Youngs, M. Platt, M. Hawley and R. Nichols, Mrs. Hawley On Broad Street (From North to South): U. Umphries, E. Spinning (near to the Tannery), J. Backus Esq. (across from the Congregational M. H.), A. Curtis and C. O. Neal (across from the Episcopal Church), D. Oviatt, S. B. Furgerson, Capt. J. Brooks Jr., J. Standish, Captain J. Allen On John Street (From West to East): J. B. Baldwin, D. Lord, J. T. Thompson On Bank Street: G. Hayt (next to the Bank) On State Street (From West to East): T. C. Wordin, Mrs. Fayrweather, S. Hodge, L. Lockwood Esq., E. Bussey and C. M. Curtis (across from the Brick School), A. Sherman, J. Bouton, D. O. Wheeler, D. Fayrweather, D. Minor, A. Olmsted, W. H. Peet, S. Hawley (across from the Post Office), W. Peet. Esq., B. Wheeler (across from B) On Allens Lane: Capt. I. W. Allen On Fayette Street (From North to South): C. Tomlinson, J. Thorp Across the bridge, between the River and the Creek: On the road that extends from the Bridge to the road down to Stratford (From West to East): B. Brooks Esq., E. Whiting, J. Brooks, Gen. E. Foot, C. Nichols, A. Benjamin, A. Beard, J. Cook (off the map) On the rest of the roads: B. Benjamin, O. Sherman, Hon. P. Edwards, J. Curtis, E. Booth
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