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City of Hartford, Map of 2nd, 3rd & 5th Wards
Surveyor:Surveyed by Hiram G. Loomis , American, 1834 - 1911
Surveyor:Surveyed by Seth E. Marsh , American, about 1823 - 1878
Printer:Engraved by Kellogg & Bulkeley , American, 1867 - 1990
Printer:Printed by Kellogg & Bulkeley , American, 1867 - 1990
Maker:Colored by Kellogg & Bulkeley , American, 1867 - 1990
Publisher:Published by Baker & Tilden , founded 1869
Lithography; black printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 16 5/8 x 28 1/8in. (42.2 x 71.4cm) Sheet (height x width): 17 5/8 x 28 1/8in. (44.8 x 71.4cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Gallery Copy: In 1857, the town of Hartford, Connecticut was divided into three voting districts, the Middle, South, and North Districts, each with its own separate polling place. As the population continued to increase, additional districts were required, and ten years later, in 1867, Hartford was divided into seven voting districts, now known as wards. This 1869 map depicts three of these new voting districts shortly after they were established. Ward politics in some other cities such as New York and Chicago were notoriously corrupt, but this does not appear to have been an issue in Hartford during the 1800s.
Description: Street map of Hartford, Connecticut's 2nd, 3rd and 5th Wards. Ward 2 is bounded to the north by Asylum Avenue and Church Street, to the east by Main Street, to the south by the Park River, and to the west by the North Branch of the Park River. The Hartford, Providence & Fishkill and New Haven and Hartford Rail Roads run through it, with Union Station appearing south of Church Street. Ward 3 is bounded by the Park River to the north, Vredendale Avenue to the east, Buckingham Street and Charter Oak Avenue to the south, and the South Branch of the Park River to the west. Bushnell Park (referred to as "The Park") and Trinity College are in between Wards 2 and 3. War 5 is bounded to the north by Kilbourn Street, the Connecticut River to the east, the Park River to the south, and Main Street to the west. Residences and commercial establishments are included and sometimes, but not always, labeled with the name of the owner.
Cartographic Note: No scale Subject Note: The map was originally published in 1869 by Baker & Tilden in the Atlas of Hartford City and County, with a Map of Connecticut From Actual Surveys.
Inscription: Recto, top center, printed in black ink: "CITY OF HARTFORD, / MAP OF 2ND 3RD & 5TH WARDS / From Actual Surveys under the Direction of / Seth. E. Marsh, C.E. / By H.G. Loomis." Verso, printed in black ink: a list of "BUSINESS ADVERTISING REFERENCES FOR HARTFORD," with several "W" entries and "Miscellaneous" on the left page, and M-V on the the right. Names of the property owners on the map include: On Woodland Street (near North Branch): James Goodwin, A. Welch, O. D. Case, J. S. Woodruff, Charles E. Perkins, Charles R. Chapman (occurs twice) On Asylum Avenue: James Bolter, J. B. Stone, G. G. Sill, Edmund Terrv, Henry W. Terry, J. S. Tryon, R. Terry, J. Olmsted, John Simpson, George Bench, G. B. Barnes, J. B. Burr, N. G. B., E. B. R., N. B. S., W. C. H., M. Howard, T. M. Day, Harvey Seymour, Julius Catlin, Dr. S. B. Beresford, Miss L. Goodrich, S. Coit, H. Coming (near the Union Station Depot), Smith Bourn and Co., J. G. Batterson, Mrs. T. C. Brownell On Gillette Street: James Goodwin, C. M. Holbrook On Niles Street: Marshall Jewell, Jonanthan S. Niles, Pliny Jewell Jr., J. S. Gray, H. J. Johnson and H. L. Welch On Farmington Avenue: Mrs. Watkinson (in front of the Trinity Church), James Goodwin, N. G. Hinkley, T. Sisson, C. F. Howard, H. K. Morgan, S. E. Elmore, G. W. Williams, H. C., A. K., James Dixon, George Beach, F. B. Cooley, F. B. Cooley, C. M. Talcott, George M Bartholomew, P. S. Vinton, T. T. Fisher, Erastus Smith On Forest Street: Frank Chamberlain, F. Smith, Gillett and Hooker, Francis Gillette, Gillette and Hooker On Laurel Street: Newton Case, Charles Smith, William Wander, H. E. Burton Occpt., Res John Hooker On Imlay Street: Sam Woodruff, Rev. J. R. Keep, Gillette and Hooker, Frank Bolles, J. H. On Sigournery Street: Gillett and Hooker, Guy R. Phelps, R. M. B., F. E. Bliss On Broad Street: F. P. Lepard, M. Lord, E. Goodman, R. Blodgett, N. Peckhom, B. W. Green, O. E. Williams On Hawthorne Street: Gillette and Hooker, Jos. R. Hawley, C. Sockrel, John Hooker, F. Gillette On Stowe Street: Gillette and Hooker, Prof. C. E. Stowe, James Dixon On South Brank: George Bartholomew, G H. Penfield, On Rifle Avenue: Albert Seymour (occurs twice), R. S. Lawrence (occurs twice) On Broad Street (Ward III): Hangerford and Cone, T. S. Andrews On Grand Street: H. Griswold, Daniel Knox, W. H. G., S. Andrews On Hungerford Street: Hungerford and Cone, S. L. Burroughs On Oak Street: W. W., Hungerford and Cone, S. E. Burroughs (occurs twice) On Lafayette Street: Will Green, Rev George Clark, J. B. Powell, G. F. Davis, W. W. House, F. Fellowes, William R. Cone, Mrs. H. Barnard On Buckingham Street: R. S. D., O. H. E., C. H. Baranard, C. T. W. On College Street: C. H. B. (Reoccurring many times on Elm street, Clinton and West Street) On Sheldon Street: J. P. Forster Jr., National Screw Co., H. French, B. W. and H. Coal Yard On South Prospect Street: Rev. J. J. McCook, A. W. Butler, H. C. Robinson, R. Brown, D. Mayer, D. Stevens On Commerce Street: Planning and Mill and Lumber Yard, E. Taylor and Co., Saunders and Bartholomew Lumber Yard On Vredendale Avenue: J. H. Chaffee's Stone Yard Near the Dutch Point and along the Wharf: S. and E. S. Beldens Ship Yard, Hartford Steam Saw Mill Co., Hartford Gas Co., Mr. Brazier, Farwell Est., M. W. Chapin On Commerce Street (Ward V): Hatch and Tyler, Woodruff and Beach Foundry (?), W & B Office (?), Woodruff's Beach On Prospect Street (Ward V): George H. Clark, D. P. Crosby, N. J. Brockett and E. N. Kellogg, R. Buell, E. W. Wells, E. N. Kellogg, Rev. C. A. Skinner Occpt., C. W. Everest, J. C. Parsons, G. M. Bartholomew Res, Austin Dunham, J. C. Parsons On State Street: Pitkin Bros and Co. On Pearl Street: George Brinley On Hicks Street: P. Jewell and Sons On Allyn Street: W. and Beach, T. M. Allyn, On Church Street: Thomas Smith, H. C. Deming, On High Street (Ward II): J. H. Goodwin, J. C. Batterson Mrs. Goodwin, H. C. Judd, T. Ives
Object Number: 2012.312.17
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