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A Correct Map of the Underground Excavation at the Phoenix Mine
Surveyor:Surveyed by Amasa Holcomb , American, 1787 - 1873
Drawing; black ink and water color on paper, lined with paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 22 5/8 x 27 3/4in. (57.5 x 70.5cm) Sheet (height x width): 23 x 28 1/4in. (58.4 x 71.8cm) Mount (height x width): 23 x 28 1/4in. (58.4 x 71.8cm)
Credit Line: Gift of C. Russell Noyes
Gallery Copy: Amasa Holcomb (1787-1873) was a civil engineer and surveyor who also made and sold surveying instruments, including chains, compasses, and small transit telescopes. While he may not be the individual responsible for this map--there were at least two other men named Amasa Holcomb living in the Granby area--the challenge of surveying the underground chambers of the former Newgate Prison, seems likely to have appealed to someone of Holcomb's talents. Copper had been successfully mined at the site during the 1700s, and the Phoenix Mine Company hoped to revive these operations in the 1830s, using up-to-date technology and steam engines. This produced the need for an accurate survey. The British mining engineer Westgarth Forster had surveyed the hillside where the mine is located in 1830, but his map gives only a rough idea of the location of the underground works. Holcomb's map is much more detailed, showing the maze of tunnels that lay beneath the surface.
Description: Map of the Phoenix Copper Mine in Granby, Connecticut, showing the mine from above. The letters B-F, H, L and M appear on the map, though there is no indication of what they represent. Several parts of the mine are labeled, including the north and south sounding rooms, the mouth of the old shaft, an unexplored part of the old shaft, a pillar, and the foot of a ladder on the west side of the mine.
Cartographic note: Scale: 1 inch equals 12 1/2 feet
Inscription: Recto, top left corner, handwritten in black ink: "60466" Top, handwritten in black ink: "A CORRECT MAP OF THE UNDERGROUND EXCAVATION AT THE PHOENIX MINE / From actual Survey taken December 15th 1831 by Amasa Holcomb. Plotted on a scale of Twelve and an half feet to an inch"
Object Number: 1952.97.1
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