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Publisher:Published by F. W. Beers & Co. , American
Lithography; black printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 22 1/2 x 14 1/4in. (57.2 x 36.2cm) Sheet (height x width): 22 7/8 x 14 3/4in. (58.1 x 37.5cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Gallery Copy: The town of Chatham was originally part of Middletown. It became a separate town in 1767, but there never was a Chatham village or Chatham town center. Rather, it encompassed a series of vilalges, including Cobalt, East Hampton, and Middle Haddam. In 1841, the west portion of Chatham became the town of Portland, but Chatham itself continued as the official name of the remainder of the area until 1915, when the name was changed to East Hampton, the principle village in the township. Rose Hill, which appears in an inset, was part of the town of Portland. This map was originally part of an atlas published by F. W. Beers & Co.
Description: Map of the town of Chatham, Connecticut, from the town line of Marlborough to the north and east, Colchester to the east, Haddam and East Haddam to the south, and the Connecticut River and town of Portland to the west. The town is divided into districts separated by broken solid lines. The map also depicts local roads and land lots, labeled with the owner's name and rectangles indicating the existence of buildings. The Air Line Railroad runs east-west through the town. Natural features include elevation, conveyed with hachure marks; the Connecticut River; Pine Brook; and Pocotopaug Lake. At the top left is an inset map of Rose Hill in the town of Portland, Connecticut, depicting the local roads and owned property, labeled with the owner's name and rectangles indicating the existence of buildings.
Cartographic Note: Scale, Chatham: 1 inch equals 160 rods; Rose Hill: 1 inch equals 60 rods.
Inscription: Recto, top left, printed in black ink: "ROSE HILL / TOWN OF PORTLAND" Top right, printed in black ink: "CHATHAM" Top right corner, printed in black ink: "58" Bottom right corner, printed in black ink: "59" Transcriptions: Notable items on the map include: Air Line Railroad, Pine Brook, Pocotopaug Creek, Connecticut River, Salmon River. North District Property owners: M. Weir, J. Berry, Mrs. H. Root, W. Hollister, W. Paxson, J. Strong, A.A. Hills, H. Ackley, B.A. Hill, O. Dunham, W. Grover, N.B. Strong, Mrs. D. Strong, E. Strong. Other notable items: Meshomasick, Rattle Snake Hill, school, saw mill, cemetery Clark’s Hill District Property owners: C. Norcott, L.O. Wells, N. Hall, S.D. Parmalee, C. Hall, O. Clark, L.H. Clark, H. Clark, H.E. Chapman, P. Derby, W. Sellew, J. Hinckley, W. Utley, E. Strong, W. Bevins, Mrs. Lucas, S. Markham, D.C. Carpenter, G. White, J. Watrous, S.G. Sears, N. & W. Hale, Mrs. P. Curtis, C.H. Hinckley, A. Hinckley, D.A. Rich Other notable items: Scrag Island, Picnic Island, Pocotopaug Lake, Stony Island, Feldspar Mine North Centre District Property owners: G. West, D. Welch, W. Veazy, L. Brown, C. Tolden, T.R. Markham, C. Steadman, R.I. Smith, L.D. Rich, O’Neil, W. Chapman, D.B. West, S.D. Parmalee, J. Ahern, T. Wall Other notable items: Pocotopaug Lake, school, cemetery, blacksmith Gate District Property owners: E.V.E. Cone, Mrs. C. Hall, J. Avery, H. Hollister, T.L. Parmalee, T. Avery, J. Skewes, W.S. Sears, E. Bailey, J.C. Rich, Mrs. Griffith, I.M. Griffith, F.B. Northam, E. Gillon, T. Norton, Miss Haling, J. Connell, F. Haley, Mrs. H. Clark, L. Strong, N. Alden, J. Purple, R. Flood, N. Flood, E.J. Bailey, P.O. Connell, R. Wall, C. Derloy, J. Wall Other notable items: Catholic Church, feldspar mine, cemetery, Mine Co., Nickel and Cobalt Mine, school, Cobalt P.O. Centre District Property owners: L.L. Hall, W. Watrous, W. Banning, J. Purple, A. Flood, H. Skinner, Mrs. Skinner, A. Clark, H.D. Chapman, I. Carpenter, G. Carpenter, J. Clark, D. Markham, Mrs. Goff, J. Wall, T. Sellew, H. Sellew, Mrs. M. Gardner, T.G. Brown Other notable items: East Hampton P.O. Flanders District Property owners: N. Gates, J. Gates, W. Daly, Mrs. D. Rogers, H. Strong, S.D. Parmalee, E. Guyhill, L.L. Hall, L. Goff, J. Cook, W. Welch, Mrs. E. Colbert, A.N. Niles, C. Markham, T. Cahill Other notable items: school District Containing “Middle Haddam P.O.” Property owners: L. Strong, A. Bailey, M.E. Judson, L. & W. Tibbals, Mrs. Farrell, R.D. Tibbals, J.N. Tibbals, H. Brainard, S. Hubbard, N. Doane, J.I. Taylor, A.B. Bailey, L.E. Tibbals, W. Tibbals, R. Tibbals, E. Rich, R.C. Smith, Mrs. Halan, E. Roberts, H. Stewart, P.C. Daly, C.F. Shepard, D. Strong, W.H. Shepard, C.L. Strong, H. Flood, E.A. Brainard, Mrs. Allis, S. Goff, M. Purcell, T. Cavanaugh, E. Watrus, Capt. Johnson, R.I. Young, E.H. Skewes Other notable items: Wells & Clark Bros., Grist Mills, Bailey Bros., Tibbals & Co., saw mill, P.O. and store, Oakum Works Chestnut Hill District Property owners: P. Riley, J. Tousley, T. Cavanaugh, J. Purple, S. Cavanaugh, A.N. Markham, J. Markham, H. Markham, E. Rockwell, D. Rich, J. Arthur, L. Butler, D. Sexton, N. Niles, H. Rockwell, Mrs. A. Rich Other notable items: Chestnut Hill, school, Feldspar Mine, Cotton Mill Tarsia District Property owners: H. Sellew, M. Ransom, Z. Markham, J. White, T.S. Markham, O. Brainard, P. Colbert, C. Markham, W.S. Ackley, D. Markham, S. Tucker, R. Murray, W. Curtin, L.M. Cue, W.C. Clark, J. Keating, B. Currier Other notable items: saw mill, cemetery, Alms House Middle Haddam South District Property owners: B. Strong, L. Higgins, L. Taylor, H.C. Hurd, I. Tattle, J. Strong, A. Clark, D.J. Shields, J.H. Selden, P. Warden, D. Selden, F. Burke, N.C. Dingwell, H. Markham Other notable items: school, cemetery, Hurds Iron Mountain, Magneli Spring, Cone & Purple Pine Brook District Property owners: O. West, J. Taylor, C.B. House, Mrs. O. West, W. Williams, R. Gilmore, Mrs. W. Selden, J. Sexton Other notable items: school, saw mill, Middletown Bank Young Street District Property owners: D. Markham, B. Lord, Mrs. V. Morgan, L. Ackley, S.H. Butler, S. Young, J.S. Markham, E. Beers, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Young, B.S. Daniels, S. Root Other notable items: cemetery South West District Property owners: G.W. Bogue, W. Brainard, W. Brown, Miss A. Brainard, Bigelow, Mrs. A. Usher, D. Markham, D.C. Williams, S.E. Williams Other notable items: school, cemetery Rose Hill, Town of Portland Property owners: H.B. Wilcox, R. Ambrose, H. Wilcox, W. Kent, C. Cornwall, D.O. Curtis, W.I. Ayres, W. Hollister, M. Kavanaugh, D. Stocking, Dr. N.O. Cornwell, A. Cornwall, N. Cornwall, C. Cornwall, H. Cornwall, Mrs. Taylor, J. Selew, Mrs. B. Rathbone, G.G. Goodrich, G.W. Bolton, A. Strickland, S. Strickland, Mrs. Strickland, S. Bell, L. Pitkin, E. Palmer, D.B. Strickland, G. & I. Cox, D. Cornwall, Mrs. H.E. Sage, C. Hall Other notable items: Bucks Brook, Carr Brook, school no. 3, Iron Spring, Turnpike, store, Wagon & B. Sh., Old Elm, chapel, res., saw mill, Grist Mill & Spice Mill
Object Number: 1980.100.9
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