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Women Outside Fairlawn House
about 1910
Photographer:Photographed by Marie Kendall , American, 1854 - 1943
Photography; albumen print on cardboard
Primary Dimensions (image height x width ): 4 5/8 x 7 1/2in. (11.7 x 19.1cm) Sheet (height x width): 4 5/8 x 7 1/2in. (11.7 x 19.1cm) Mount (height x width): 5 1/4 x 8 1/2in. (13.3 x 21.6cm)
Credit Line: Connecticut Historical Society collection
Description: Seven girls and women in dresses on the lawn and sidewalk in front of a large house. The two women in the foreground are talking and smiling. There are three women seated on the lawn, looking in the direction of the camera. Two girls are playing what appears to be croquet on the lawn behind the seated ladies. On the porch of the house, four figures are visible, three women and possibly a man. Another woman is on the second-floor porch.
Subject Note: The house in the photograph appears to be "Fairlawn," owned by Louise Rolands. Another photograph of appears in Kendall's "Glimpses of Norfolk," and it is identified there.
Inscription: Verso, top right, written in pencil: "x.2000.35.159"
Object Number: 2000.178.159
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