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Sign for the Hannah Hotel
about 1836
Original Owner:Originally owned by Edwin Hannah , American, 1807 - 1859
Paint on pine board, smalt, gold leaf, iron hardware
Primary Dimensions (height x width including hardware): 33 1/8 x 40 1/4in. (84.1 x 102.2cm) Other (height x width of sign only): 30 1/8 x 38 5/8in. (76.5 x 98.1cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Gallery Copy: Innkeeper Edward Hannah married Sarah Atwood Crane, the widow of the original innkeeper Gideon Crane, in 1838. An accomplished sign painter evidently produced the original sign, but the lettering of the new name was done by a less practiced painter. Not surprisingly given the bold image, this inn was known not just as “E. Hannah’s” but also as the “Sun Hotel.”
Description: Images: On side 1, a central rising sun, with face. On side two, a stylized cartouche with fleur-de-lis ends. No underlying imagery. Text: On both sides, above the central device, "E. HANNAH." over "G. CRANE'S."; below the central device, "HOTEL." Construction: Single board, grain oriented horizontally, set within channels of applied moldings, mitered at corners. Vertical moldings appear to be of oak whereas horizontal moldings are of pine. The oak moldings retain sharper edges in keeping with the more durable qualities of that wood species. No structural frame. No pediment or skirt.
Technique Note: Letters and design elements were stenciled in place first, then the surrounding background was painted around them with a green and blue paint, textured with smalt particles. Historical Note: Original location. The Crane/Hannah property was located on the east side of the main road through Bethlehem, near the church.
Object Number: 1966.122.2
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