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Sign for Mallett's Hotel
Painter:Painted by Unknown
Original Owner:Originally owned by Fenn Mallett , 1811 - 1851
Paint on pine board and moldings, smalt, gold leaf
Other (height x width of sign only): 27 3/4 x 51 3/4in. (70.5 x 131.4cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Newton C. Brainard
Description: Text: On both sides, top line, "MALLETT'S" over "UNION," bottom line, "HOTEL." Construction: One or more boards, grain oriented horizontally. Thin boards with rounded molding profiles are nailed to the edges of the signboard forming a frame with mitered corners. Separate cove moldings, also mitered in corners, are nailed to the inside of the frame.
Inscription: On both sides, top line, "MALLETT'S" over "UNION," bottom line, "HOTEL."
Object Number: 1957.59.1
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