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Printer:Printed by Kelloggs & Comstock , American, 1848 - 1850
Publisher:Published by Kelloggs & Comstock , American, 1848 - 1850
Publisher:Published by D. Needham , American, 1808 - 1888
Lithography; printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 11 3/4 x 8 7/8in. (29.8 x 22.5cm) Sheet (height x width): 14 1/16 x 10 1/8in. (35.7 x 25.7cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Description: A young man stands beside a young woman, who is seated beside a spinning wheel in the interior of a room. He wears a coat, vest, shirt, tie, and trousers. He wears a glove on his right hand and holds the other glove and a walking stick. His top hat lies on the tiled floor. She wears a dress trimmed with lace, a shawl, and an apron. She holds a rose in her left hand. Three other people, towmen and a woman, are in the background near a chair and an open door. A knife and a large cheese lie on a wooden container, possibly a cheese press, in the left foreground. A pitcher and two cabbages are nearby. A cat in the right foreground is looking at a dog hiding beneath the young woman's chair. Two candlesticks, an oil lamp, and a dish are on the mantle of a fireplace in the background. A basin is on a shelf at the right. A mirror and a tin lantern hang from the wall.
Subject Note: The verses beneath the image are from a song entitled "Nothing at All" or "Derry Down Dale." Versions appear on British broadsides from the first half of the 19th cenutry. (Finlay 4/17/2006)
Inscription: On recto, lithographed title and poem beneath image: "COURTSHIP. / Now I was as bashful as bashful could be. / And Kitty poor soul was as bashful as me. / So I bow'd and she grinn'd and I let my hat fall. / Then I smil'd scratch'd my head and said nothing at all. / 373." Inscribed in pencil, lower right: "90--". On verso, inscribed in pencil: lower right, "Dwr 15"; lower left, accession number.
Object Number: 1987.25.3
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