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A Miniature of the World in the 19th Century.
After a work by:After a work by John Warner Barber , American, 1798 - 1885
Printer:Printed by Elijah Chapman Kellogg , American, 1811 - 1881
Publisher:Published by Elijah Chapman Kellogg , American, 1811 - 1881
Publisher:Published by Ensign, Thayer & Co. , American, 1850 - 1852
Lithography; printer's ink and watercolor on wove paper
Primary Dimensions (image height x width): 8 7/8 x 12 11/16in. (22.5 x 32.2cm) Sheet (height x width): 10 x 14in. (25.4 x 35.6cm)
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Description: A political cartoon. In the left middle ground is a large crowd of people with little balloons over their heads naming the sins of which they are guilty: "Despair / & /Suicide" "Deists & Blasphemers" "Robbery / & / Murder" "Slander / Psl. 64.3.4" "Lust of the Flesh / & Pride of Life" "Drunkards & / Gluttons" "Mormonism" "Fashions of / the World". The Pope in Rome sits on a throne with a banner above his head that reads, "Pardon, Bulls" and a sign by his throne that reads: "The Pope / of Rome the / Man of Sin / 2 Thes .2". There is a beam of light labeled "The Gospel Light" leading to the upper right corner, where a sign on a city in the clouds reads, "The New Jerusalem". At center right, a minister in a black robe proclaims to the crowd "Seek your treasures above." Men and women hold books that read: "Holy / Bible" and "Davis / Reve-/ lations" are ascending a hill on the right. In the foreground, a group of men are picking up coins above a sign that reads: "California Adventurers / The dry diggings." Fire and lightening rain from dark clouds at the left. Numerous biblical and other quotes are inscribed throughout the image.
Inscription: Lithographed title beneath image: "A MINIATURE OF THE WORLD IN THE 19TH CENTURY." A lengthy poem in eight four line stanzas is inscribed in the lower margin. Between the first four stanzas and the last four stanzas is the quote: "'Unto you, O men I call' Prov. 8 Ch." Illegible pencil inscription on verso, upper center, partially obscured by tape. Accession number inscribed in pencil on verso, lower right.
Object Number: 1997.43.0
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