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Ammunition Box
Retailer:Sold by Colt Manufacturing Company , American
Maker:Cartridges made by The Union Metallic Cartridge Co. , American, founded 1867
Maker:Box made by Unknown
Pasteboard, paper
Primary Dimensions (height x width x depth): 1 3/8 x 4 15/16 x 2 5/8in. (3.5 x 12.5 x 6.7cm)
Credit Line: Gift of G. Fox & Co.
Description: Rectangular pasteboard box (.a) with removable lid (.b), entirely covered with cream paper with blue and maroon plaid. The interior of box has a thin paper liner on the bottom and partially up the sides. Labels printed in black ink are affixed to all six sides. The label on the top of the lid reads, "50 .45 CAL. AUTOMATIC COLT PISTOL / CENTRAL FIRE CARTRIDGES / TRADE [symbol with U.M.C. in center] MARK [image of a bullet with ".45 / AUTOMATIC COLT / METALCASED"] "SMOKELESS POWDER / METAL CASED BULLET / MANUFACTURED BY / THE UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE CO. / BRIDGEPORT, CONN, U.S.A." The label on the front side reads, "Adapted to .45 Calibre [sic] Automatic Colt / Pistol. / Are sure fire and accurate / The U.M.C.Co. / See our Guarantee on bottom of this box." Labels on left and right sides read, "U.M.C. [in oval] / .45 AUTOMATIC COLT PISTOL / SMOKELESS. / METAL CASED BULLET." The label on the back side reads, "These Smokeless Powder Cartridges are expressly adapted / to the .45 Calibre [sic] Automatic Colt Pistol. They being made / by The Union Metallic [Company] [illegible] / special directions, we strongly recommend them for use / in these Arms. / Colt Patent Fire Arms Manufg Co [in script]" The label on bottom of box reads, "GUARANTEE. / We hereby guarantee these cartridges, also Automatic pistols when used with them, to the full extent of the makers' / guarantee. The special Smokeless Powder used is best adapted to required results. Shells should not be reloaded. / [in script:] Union Metallic Cartridge Co."
Object Number: 1949.2.8a,b
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