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Pince Nez with Eyeglass Case and Lens Cloth
early 20th century
Retailer:Sold by G. Fox and Co. , American, founded 1847
Gold, glass, cotton, velvet
Primary Dimensions (Pince Nez (a), (height x width) ): 4 5/8 x 1 1/2in. (11.7 x 3.8cm) Primary Dimensions (Case (b), (height x width x diameter)): 4 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 5 1/4in. (12.1 x 6 x 13.3cm) Primary Dimensions (Cloth (c), (height x width) ): 5 1/2 x 3 3/4in. (14 x 9.5cm)
Credit Line: Gift of the children of Richard and Georgette Koopman
Description: Pince Nez (a), black lens case (b) and pink cotton lens cloth (c). Pince nez (a) have gold nose piece. The case (b) is patterned all over and has gold inscriptions (G. Fox logo), on the bottom exterior. The interior of the case (b) is tan velvet. A small pocket is created on the bottom of the interior to keep the pince nez in place. The pink lens cloth (c) has scalloping around all sides. The cloth (c) contains a great deal of markings and inscriptions. In the upper right hand corner of the cloth (c) is a drawing in black ink of a human eye with lenses over it.
Inscription: On lens cloth (c) printed in black ink reads, "We recommend the Conal lens/ to all wearers of eyeglasses/ optically better in every way./ We keep a record of your/ prescription and can duplicate/ your broken lens. No waiting/ we have our own grinding plant." Just below the previous markings, on the lens cloth (c), printed in black ink reads, "G. Fox & Company/ HARTFORD, CONN./ Lewis A. Hines, Ref./ -Optometrist-." On the exterior bottom wide panel of case (b) imprinted in gold ink, reads, "G. Fox & Company/ Hartford, Conn./ Lewis A. Hines, Ref./-Optometrist.-"
Object Number: 2007.24.10a-c
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