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Hooks and Eyes and Original Box
Retailer:Sold by American Pin Co. , American
Cardboard covered in paper
Primary Dimensions (height x width x depth): 7/8 x 4 13/16 x 2 1/4in. (2.3 x 12.2 x 5.7cm)
Credit Line: Gift of G. Fox & Co.
Description: Rectangular cardboard box (.a) and lid (.b) covered in paper. The box is covered with white paper with blue printing of a floral and vine pattern. The bottom is covered with plain white paper. The lid is covered overall in yellow paper, with a strip of paper in the same blue and white pattern as the box, affixed around the edges of the lid. A white paper label with black printing on the top of the box reads, "1 Gro. No. 3. UNION COMPANY'S Silvered / SWAN BILL HOOKS AND EYES." and on the left, "AMERICAN PIN CO. / Waterbury, Conn." and on the right, "NORTH, STANLEY & CO. / New-Britain, Conn." On the label there is an image of a swan paddling in water surrounded by plants. The box contains three heavy paper sheets with hook and eye sets mounted through holes in the paper. One sheet (.c) has all but one space filled with 23 hook & eye sets, the second (.d) has part of the sheet lacking and 13 sets, the third (.e) is only a partial sheet and has 4 sets. There is a design imprint on the sheets, and also an imprint that reads, "PAT'D / 1849. / No. 3. SWAN BILL HOOKS AND EYES / IMP'D / 1851"
Object Number: 1949.2.11a-e
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