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Golf Scorebook with Pencil
Original Owner:Originally owned by Beatrice Fox , American, 1887 - 1968
Leather, paper, pencil, ribbon
Primary Dimensions (Golf score book (a) height x width ): 3/8 x 2 1/2in. (1 x 6.4cm) Primary Dimensions (Pencil (b) length ): 2 3/4in. (7cm)
Credit Line: Gift of the children of Richard and Georgette Koopman
Description: Rectangular red leather golf scorebook (a) and miniature pencil (b). There is gold lettering on the outside and inside cover of the booklet. A golf bag with clubs sticking out of it is printed in gold on the outside cover. Inside the booklet are many individual green golf score cards, with room to score up to 18 holes. Next to the score sheet is the miniature pencil (b), used to record the scores. There is a red ribbon at the bottom which appears to have had part of it broken off.
Inscription: a) "Golf Score" is printed on the front cover of the booklet in gold block print. "Beatrice Fox" is printed on the inside cover in gold old English style font. b) "DIXON" is stamped in black on the side of the pencil near the butt.
Object Number: 2007.24.57a,b
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