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House for Leon P. Broadhurst, 235 Kenyon Street, Hartford
Architect:Designed by William T. Marchant , American, 1880 - 1948
Architectural Drawings; pencil, black, red, and yellow ink on trace and linen paper.
Primary Dimensions: 15 1/2 x 21in. (39.4 x 53.3cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Colonel and Mrs. Richard L. Shaw
Description: Plans for a three-story Colonial Revival house, with detached garage. The house features a gable roof, brick coursing, enclosed veranda and side porch, decorative cornice detailing, pedimented attic level, dormer windows, and a large entryway. A notable feature of the house is the large offset entryway, spanning three stories. The entryway features modillion coursed edges, doric column-flanked entry door with side lights, a detailed iron balustrade landing at the second story level, and a wooden balustrade landing at the large tri-part dormer window on the attic story level. The windows are primarily double-hung louvred sash windows in either the eight-over-eight, eight-over-one, six-over-one, or four-over-one configurations. Large tri-part windows are featured on the east and west Elevations, with splayed lintels featured on the first and second stories. Drawings included in the set are: north, south, east, and west elevations, as well as cellar, first floor, second floor, and attic plans. The cellar plans include: laundry, heat coal room, wood bin, hamper closet, work room, stove coal room, and toilet. The first floor plans include: rear porch, kitchen, pantry, butlers pantry, rear hall, dining room, side porch, lavatory, den, great hall, entry vestibule, entry porch, living room, and veranda. The second floor plans include: five chambers, two baths, toilet, rear hall, and hallway. The attic plans include: two maids rooms, bath, store room, hall, sewing room, and chamber. The west elevation shows outside in-wall access door for refrigerator box. Plans for the detached garage show a two story garage featuring a gable roof, decorative cornice detailing, pedimented dormer windows on the second story, and twenty-four light carriage doors on the east elevation. The second story dormer windows are double-hung sash windows in the eight-over-eight configuration, with spalyed lintel double-hung lourved shash windows featured on the end elevations, and west elevation in either a tri-part, eight-over-eight or six-over-six configuration. Drawings for the detached garage included in the set are: east elevation / west elevation, end elevations, and first floor / second floor plans. The first floor plans incude: garage space, work bench, and stairs to second floor. The second floor plans include: storage, bath, closet, and "mans room."
Image Note: Drawings not scanned in this set include: elevations for veranda, staircase details, fireplace mantel details, butler and kitchen pantry layouts, and door details.
Inscription: All drawings have accession numbers handwritten in pencil on verso, lower right. All drawings have architectural dimensions and notes in pencil, and black, red, or yellow ink. 1999.100.69.1: On recto, upper center, in black ink, "Residence For L.P. Broadhurst ESQ" 1999.100.69.9: On recto, upper center, in black ink, "Garage For L.P. Broadhurst" 1999.100.69.11 and 1999.100.69.18: On recto, upper center, in pencil, "Veranda Enclosure For L.P. Broadhurst ESQ" i 1999.100.69.17: On recto, upper center, in pencil, "Interiors for L.P. Broadhurst" 1999.100.69.20: On recto, upper center, in pencil, "Bill Of Doors For L.P. Broadhurst" 1999.100.69.1-.11, and .13-.18 have individual titles in black ink or pencil in lower center on recto (drawing 1999.100.69.1 reads "East Elevation"). 1999.100.69.12: On recto, lower center, in pencil,"use this one"
Object Number: 1999.100.69.1-.20
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