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House for Alice E. Dunham, 111 Terry Road, Hartford
Architect:Designed by Smith & Bassette , American, 1910 - 1940
Architectural drawings, pencil, black and blue ink on linen paper
Primary Dimensions (height x width): 20 1/2 x 24 1/2in. (52.1 x 62.2cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Roy D. Bassette, Jr. and John H. Bassette
Gallery Copy: This Colonial Revival house was designed by Smith and Bassette for Alice E. Dunham, the daughter of Samuel G. Dunham, the founder of the Hartford Electric Light Company.
Description: Three-story Colonial Revival house with attached two story garage. The main house features a brownstone foundation, a Roman doric entry portico, brick-coursed exterior walls, copper gutters, stone and stuccoed cornice and a gable slate roof. The attached garage portion features a gambrel roof, with full brick-coursed exterior walls on the roof ends, otherwise it features full brick coursing on the first story, and slate siding on the second. The garage has a brownstone foundation, a pedimented side entry porch, copper gutters, stone and stuccoed cornice, and slate roofing. Other notable exterior features include an artisan copper roofed rear entry porch, and flagstone paved / brownstone walled walkways and terraces. Windows are primarily double-hung sash windows, in either the eight-over-eight, six-over-six, or four-over-four configuration. The West Elevation also includes round and half round arch sash windows. Nine drawings are included in the set: plot plan, west elevation and section, west elevation, north elevation, front elevation as well as third floor and garage details, second floor, first floor, and basement plans. The basement plans include: a laundry room, toilet, store room, and boiler. The first floor plans include: the garage, side entry porch, kitchen with attached pantry and servants dining alcove, butler's pantry, dining room, rear porch, toilet, coat closet, hall, entry alcove and porch, living room and a veranda. The second floor plans include: two servant's rooms with separate bath and hall over the garage, as well as, a long passageway connecting another bath and three chambers, one of which features an ensuite bath, and private balcony. The third floor plans include: a stairway to the hanging closet and attic storage space.
Subject Note: Alice E. Dunham, a lifelong resident of Hartford, was the daughter of Samuel G. Dunham, the founder of the Hartford Electric Light Company. Following her father's death in 1934, Alice Dunham bought property on Terry Road and engaged the architectural firm Smith & Bassette to design a Colonial Revival house for her. She lived at 111 Terry Road until her death in 1974. (Finlay 4/26/2011). Drawings contain many details about interior and exterior finishes; e.g. oak or pine flooring, plaster architectural ceilings, stone lintels, soapstone lined hearths, etcetera.
Inscription: All drawings have accession numbers handwritten in pencil on verso, lower right. All drawings have architectural dimensions and notes in black ink and/or pencil. Drawings 1976.18.269.7 and 1976.18.269.8 have corrections in blue ink. Drawing 1976.18.269.2 contains handwritten in blue ink "D" backwards on verso, upper left. Drawing 1976.18.269.7 contains handwritten in blue ink various locations for electrical box[es] as well as "RADIO," in area of Chamber No. 1. Drawing 1976.18.269.8 contains handwritten in blue ink various locations for electrical box[es] one marked as "OUT," in area of Living Room. Drawing 1976.18.269.9 for the basement plan also shows unexcavated portions of foundation, supply lines for electric, oil, and telephone, location of oil tank. Drawing 1979.269.8 also includes a detail layout of the flagstone pavers for walkways, veranda, terraces and porches. The following drawings include inserted section, or detail drawings from the plans: Drawing 1976.18.269.2 "WEST ELEVATION & SECTION" includes drawings for: "TYPICAL RECESSED RADIATOR," "SECTION THRU MAIN CORNICE, and "DETAIL OF CHIMNEY CAPS" Drawing 1976.18.269.4 "NORTH ELEVATION" includes a drawing for: "NORTH ELEVATION / OF TERRACE WALL" Drawing 1976.18.269.5 "FRONT ELEVATION" includes a drawing for: "ELEVATION OF TERRACE WALL" Drawing 1976.18.269.6 "THIRD FLOOR PLAN & GARAGE DETAILS" includes drawings for: "SEC. THRU GARAGE DOORS," "SEC. THRU I BEAM IN / GARAGE," "SEC. THRU WEST WALL / OF GARAGE" Drawing 1976.18.269.8 "FIRST FLOOR PLAN" includes drawings for: "BUTLER'S PANTRY DETAILS," and "KITCHEN DETAILS" Drawing 1976.18.269.9 "BASEMENT PLAN" a drawing for: "SECTION THRU CELLAR WALLS / AND GIRDERS"
Object Number: 1976.18.269.1-.9
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