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House and Garage for McIntyre & Ahern, 220 Kenyon Street, Hartford
Architect:Designed by William T. Marchant , American, 1880 - 1948
Maker:Designed for McIntyre & Ahern , 1904 - 1925
Architectural drawings; black ink and pencil on linen and paper
Primary Dimensions (height x width): 14 3/4 x 19 1/4in. (37.5 x 48.9cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Colonel and Mrs. Richard L. Shaw
Description: Architectural plans for a two and a half story Colonial Revival frame house and a one story, two-bay frame garage. The residence has a side-gabled roof with two front-facing, slightly projecting cross gables. There is a hipped dormer with tripartite window on the facade and two hipped dormers on the rear elevation. The house is faced with stucco. The majority of fenestration is either 6/1 or 4/1 double-hung sash. There are two tripartite arrangements on the first story of the facade and round multi-pane windows in the front-facing gable ends. Two quarter-round windows flank the chimney on the gable end of the south (side) elevation. There is a partial-width, recessed porch on the west (front) elevation and a two story porch with hipped roof and paired doric supports on the rear (east) elevation. The garage has a front-facing pitched roof and is faced with stucco. The doors are wood paneled with multi-pane windows in their upper halves. Nine drawings are included in the set; north, south, east, and west elevations; garage elevations and floor plans; as well as attic and roof, cellar, first floor, and second floor plans. Cellar plans include unexcavated areas, coal rooms, and storage spaces. The first floor plan identifies the veranda, dining and living rooms, hall, kitchen, pantries, closets, rear porches, and toilet. The second floor plan includes four chambers, closets, two bathrooms, hall, two stairwells, and a sleeping porch. The attic and roof plan contains three chambers, a bathroom, and several storage areas.
Title Note: McIntyre & Ahern were Hartford developers who contracted with William T. Marchant for several houses on Kenyon Street during the 1910s. (Finlay 4/13/2011)
Inscription: All drawings have accession numbers handwritten in pencil on verso, lower right. All drawings have architectural dimensions and notes in black ink and/or pencil. Drawings 1999.100.309.2-9 are labeled "House for McIntyre and Ahern" in black ink in upper center on recto and have individual titles in black ink in lower center on recto (drawing 1999.100.309.9 reads "West Elevation"). Drawing 1999.100.309.1 is labeled "Garage for McIntyre and Ahern" in pencil in upper center on recto.
Object Number: 1999.100.309.1-.9
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